School Essentials and for Home Study via ABC Mouse, BBC Bitesize etc

School Essentials and for Home Study via ABC Mouse, BBC Bitesize etc

Whether the kids and teens are back at school, home learning or furthering education via ABC Mouse, BBC Bitesize or similar we wanted to give you an accessories for school guide, from the iBeani range of products.

So, it feels like a bit of normality has set in, seeing the kids walking to school, but things are still a little different and hopefully not the start of a school year we will witness again, with bubbles, staggered starts, virtual school lessons, online homework etc, but some of the changes may be for the better and stay with us. I think online education and teachers sending more home via online platforms is a thing of the future and will become the normal. Parents evenings may well be done over zoom or similar, all having their benefits.

Further education via online platforms such as for the younger learners and BBC Bitesize for the teens are seeing a spike in popularity, infact BBC Bitesize is receiving over 1million searches a month on google. Us adults are on the educational wagon too. It seems, and rightly so, that we want to broaden our knowledge and qualifications and adults are accessing sites like the Open University like never before.

So whether your child's school is going virtual during these unprecedented times, or sticking to face to face teaching, or a hybrid approach then these products should be of some use either way. Also, if you or your child are studying at home, full time or furthering their/your education then these are great too. They also make excellent back to school gifts.

Tablet Bean Bag Cushion by iBeani

tablet cushion by iBeani

The uniquely designed tablet cushion by iBeani will mould to any surface, whether it is your lap, the sofa or chair arm etc. It will securely hold any size iPad, tablet or eReader at any viewing angle to suit you. Doing more studying on your tablet device, watching online lessons from ABC Mouse or the teacher? Then do it in comfort and free both hands for better typing, note taking and remove the strain from holding a tablet device for a prolonged period of time. Available in a range of designs and now only £19.99 - Shop Now

2 in 1 Stylus

The iBeani 2 in 1 universal soft touch stylus works on any touch screen device resulting in accurate typing, drawing and scrolling. It also stops those finger marks getting on your screen. Click the top and it becomes a smooth ballpoint pen for effortless writing.

Only £4.99 - Shop Now

Mini Tablet & eReader Sleeve

Offering extra protection to those expensive tablets in ours or the kids' lives, the iBeani tablet sleeve will protect the tablet from scratches and dust when not in use. Uniquely designed, you can adjust its size to suit any tablet making it a great accessory for any tablet owner. Great for storing a tablet or travelling with one. Manufactured to a high quality, this product doesn't only look great, but is great. Available in 5 designs and on sale at an unbelievable £4.99 was £12.99

Shop Now

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are fairly new to the UK market but sell like hot cakes in the USA. For those that use computers all day or if we are going to have to use our tablets, computers more and more, then these blue light blocking glasses could help avoid migraines, strain on the eyes and in particular, in the evenings, prevent that blue light triggering our brain to think it is day time, keeping us awake, resulting in a bad night sleep and us feeling fatigued the next day, which is not great for school/studying. See our recent blog post - Blue Light Glasses Benefits for more information about how they work

The design here is unisex so suitable for all and only £16.99 in a little gift box.

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