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Blue Light Glasses Benefits - Reduce Eye Strain, Sleep Better

What are blue light glasses and what benefits do they offer?

Essentially blue light blocking glasses filter the blue light emitted from mobile, TV or computer screens, believed to be a stimulant and cause eye strain, particularly at night. Many associate the prolonged use of electronic devices as a cause of migraines and other similar ailments.

Office workers, home workers and gamers who use computers all or most of the day could also benefit from blue light glasses

Globally, screen time is increasing for both socialising and relaxing, whether that be on a mobile device, tablet, games console or the TV - We are all guilty of wanting to get comfy in bed to finish the episode of our latest box set, but this could be the worst thing to do if you are after a good nights sleep, unless there was a way to filter out or block blue light stimulating our sensors...

The Sleep Council have an article that elaborates a little on how blue light affects sleep.

The same goes for reading on blue light emitting electronic devices, as oppose to a printed book - Reading is good for stress relief, can be educational and a great mind relaxer just before bed, but not if you are reading an electronic page.. You are actually going to take longer to get to sleep, stimulate your mind and when you do fall asleep, have less REM sleep (when dreams occur), making you feel more tired in the morning.

If you are one that struggles to not use electronic devices in the evening, in bed, the kids digital curfew is not going to plan, or you suffer from headaches caused by staring at the screen, then blue light glasses may be your new lifestyle accessory.

Just launched by iBeani, blue light glasses block exposure to the harmful light that tricks your brain into thinking it is still day time, reducing the stress on your eyes and ultimately giving you a better nights sleep.

So if you are a night owl, can't help checking your social media or emails just before bed, or like to watch tv, game or browse etc, then the best thing to do is stop of course, turn off those screens... Although, we know that is difficult as we live the digital age, so maybe investing in a pair or two of our blue light blocking glasses could help, whether for a better sleep, reducing eye strain or migraine relief.

With a unisex design for both adults and children and at a great price, buy your blue light blocking glasses today from iBeani

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