iBeani Announce Deal With TTS Group Ltd

iBeani Announce Deal With TTS Group Ltd

Here at iBeani® we are pleased to announce that we have agreed terms for the TTS Group Ltd, a leading UK education equipment supplier, to begin stocking our innovative tablet stands. iBeani® tablet stands are available to order now on the TTS Group Ltd website and will feature in the next edition of the TTS Group Ltd print catalogue.

We're delighted to be expanding the iBeani range in to classrooms around the country and helping students to achieve new and innovative ways to learn.

Reactions to this announcement:

Tom Smullen, product manager at the TTS Group Ltd, said of the agreement “We are delighted to begin stocking the iBeani® tablet stand. With the use of tablets and eReaders in schools growing year on year we feel like now is the perfect time to bring a product like iBeani® to the education market”.

Ashley Freer, Director at iBeani®, also commented on the deal saying “We are delighted to be working alongside the TTS Group Ltd with the aim of bringing the iBeani® tablet stand to the classroom. Working with such a well-respected and notable organization as the TTS Group Ltd is testament to the fantastic quality and innovative nature of the iBeani® product”.

Why is iBeani expanding in to the education market?

Research by the BBC has shown that tablet use in schools is on the rise, signaling a gap in the education market for innovative products such as the iBeani®. This research found that:

  • 68% of primary and 69% of secondary schools now use tablets in the classroom.
  • 45% of those schools who don’t use tablets aim to introduce them within the next few years.
  • The number of tablets in schools is expected to hit 900,000 by late 2016, up from 430,000 in 2014.
  • Head Teachers of schools using tablets have reported a positive impact on results.

With technology playing an ever increasing role in education and learning, we feel like now is the perfect time to bring the benefits of the iBeani to classrooms across the country.

This deal represents a huge step forward for the iBeani brand and is a strong start to acheiving our goals for this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news about iBeani, including our progress in the Gift Of The Year 2016 Awards!

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