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Does iBeani work with the iPhone 7? Isn't it just a tablet stand?

iBeani is fully compatible with the new iPhone 7 - and in fact makes the perfect iPhone 7 stand! Thanks to its unique bean bag design, the iBeani can accommodate any mobile or tablet device with 100% stability and comfort. Perfect for watching movies on your new high resolution iPhone screen whilst in bed!

It's not your average iPhone 7 stand though. iBeani is so much more. Here's a quick run-down of why we truly believe iBeani is the best universal mobile device stand around:

  • It's compatible with all mobile devices - including iPhone's, iPad's, Surface Pro, Android Tablets and even eReaders!
  • iBeani can hold any device securely on any surface thanks to the unique bean bag filling inside. No more having to find a flat surface to place your iPhone on - iBeani will work anywhere!
  • iBeani is handmade right here in the United Kingdom. We use locally sourced materials where possible too, to ensure a quality product at a great price.
  • More than just an iPhone stand - iBeani also doubles up as a travel pillow, book stand, camera mount and many, many more. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
  • We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee as standard on our entire iBeani range.
  • We were recognised with a "Highly Commended" award by the Gift Of The Year judging panel for our unique stand design. iBeani makes the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for those technology lovers in your life.
  • We pay the delivery cost on any iBeani orders anywhere in the UK - meaning it's FREE to you! We also offer worldwide delivery for just a small surcharge, so even our friends down-under can enjoy a nice new, stable iPhone stand.


Our Amazing iPhone Stand Won A Gift Of The Year Award

We don't like to blow our own trumpet but.... well, we're really proud of this one! The Gift Of The Year 2016 judges recognised iBeani with a "Highly Commended" award at their Spring Fair presentation evening in Birmingham. This award highlights the exceptional levels of quality and the lengths we go to in order to make the iBeani iPhone & tablet stand a truly amazing product. We're very proud of it, so you'll probably see it popping up around the site a fair bit.


iBeani Has Had National Press Coverage

Our iPhone & tablet stand is quite literally taking the internet by storm! Several major national (and international) press publications have featured the iBeani, you can see an example of some of these below.


Here's a selection of some of the publications we've been featured in:

ibeani best ipad stand featured in

iBeani Helps Prevent iPhone Shoulder/iPad Neck

Do you find you start getting aches and pains when using your iPhone or tablet? We do - and it's certainly not something good. When using your mobile device without a suitable stand you are putting huge amounts of pressure on your neck, shoulder and arm joints without even realising it. This can lead to long term damage, sore muscles and damaged joints.

Thankfully the iBeani is here to help. It allows you to use your device without putting any extra pressure on your joints at all - perfect for those with joint pain or people who just want to look after their body a bit more. Once you start using it you won't believe the difference you'll feel.


Buy The iBeani iPhone 7 Stand Now

You can buy the iBeani in our online store or through any of our 3rd party retailers which you can find here. You can find a selection of our favourite iBeani designs below. Looking for a stand for the kitchen or for bed? We've got you covered here: