Your Wimbledon Winner - iBeani

Your Wimbledon Winner - iBeani

Nature has delivered the perfect weather for Wimbledon and iBeani® delivers the perfect way to watch it!

There's nothing like the hype and buzz that surrounds the true English heritage associated with Wimbledon and let's be honest we'd all love to be there tasting the strawberries and sipping Pimms.

The truth for many of us is that we're stuck in the office or out on the road with just the dream of being there!

With the fast pace of English grass court tennis and the fast pace of our lives, we all look to our iPads and Tablets to grab a few minutes of the action wherever we are.

When watching Wimbledon on your tablet is as close as you're going to get to the action, you need to make sure your as comfy as possible; enter iBeani, the most comfortable and stylish tablet bean bag cushion we've seen.

By letting iBeani hold your device, your guaranteed to get the perfect viewing angle on virtually any surface, giving you complete stability and leaving you with both hands free to eat those deliciously sweet strawberries and sip away on your chilled glass of Pimms.

If you can't get to the real thing, make sure you enjoy Wimbledon with the comfort of an iBeani; being hand made in the UK it's as English as the tournament itself!

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