Your small business needs a tablet – here’s why

Your small business needs a tablet – here’s why

Tablets are becoming an increasingly useful asset for businesses. Not only does their portable design make them ideal for use on the go and more convenient than a laptop, but their large screen is well suited to images, graphs, and demos. Business owners can carry out important tasks on the run, creating presentations for meetings, filing accounts, or updating their website. Using a tablet for work has become even more affordable, with many business tablet deals making their way on to the market in recent years.

Redefining the “mobile office” concept

With wireless keyboards and extended battery life, today’s tablets are redefining the concept of the mobile office. Portable and simple to use in a wide range of settings, they allow you to work from wherever you are. Unlike laptops which ideally need placing on a flat surface, tablets can be used anywhere, whether you’re sat on the train to waiting in line at Starbucks.

When your employees have their own tablets for business purposes, they can become much more mobile. In a world where remote working is fast becoming the ‘new normal’, this is vital. Employees can work whilst out of the office, allowing them to remain productive even when not sat at their desks.

Improved note-taking in meetings

Tablets can help employees to capture important information during business meetings. Note-taking becomes so much easier with a tablet compared to conventional pen and paper. Notes on an app can be easily organised and saved, letting you quickly refer back to them whenever you require. Notes can be saved via Cloud platforms, ensuring that nothing is ever lost.

There are many fantastic apps which allow voice notes to be transcribed too, including the popular Google Keep. You don’t need to worry about sensitive or private information falling into the wrong hands when you use a tablet either. Most of the latest models have in-built security features such as facial recognition and even fingerprint readers, preventing unauthorised access to your device.

Create powerful presentations

A tablet can be extremely useful for creating professional presentations. Mobile access is available for applications like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, and you can easily download whiteboard apps to draw using your finger and the tablet’s touchscreen. With a tablet, you can simply hand over your presentation to your audience, letting you get your message across easily. You no longer need to gather everyone around your bulky laptop to share your presentation. Alternatively, you can connect the tablet to a bigger screen using an HDMI port for improved viewing capabilities.

A huge range of apps

There’s a huge range of apps available to streamline nearly every aspect of business. From essential office apps such as Microsoft 365 to accounting apps like QuickBooks, there’s an app to fit every requirement. Business apps for tablets can make even the toughest tasks much more straightforward and efficient. New apps are being unveiled all the time, and you can add them as needed to equip your company with the best and most up to date tools.

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