5 Reasons You Need An iBeani Tablet Stand

The iBeani is a multi-purpose universal tablet stand that has many unique uses - from stable and universal tablet stand through to travel pillow and camera mount! Here are our top five reasons why you need an iBeani tablet stand in your life:


Reason #1: A Tablet Stand That Works On Any Surface

bed at night

The unique design of the iBeani tablet stand allows the it to work on any surface including uneven surfaces that other stands simply can’t manage. Most iBeani users find the best surface for using their tablets are on their knees, in their bed or on a desk. With stable viewing angle on any surface the iBeani really is a great portable tablet stand that can be used almost anywhere, even whilst travelling in a car, train, plane or bus. The iBeani tablet stand achieves this thanks to its unique bean bag filling, allowing it to mould to any contours or shapes.


Reason #2: A Universal Stand That Fits Any Tablet

mobile phone and tablet without stand

Due to the iBeani universal design it can hold any tablet or smartphone, meaning it's not limited to a certain tablet brand or model compared to other stands on the market. This increases the use of the stand and is great for families with more than one brand of tablet - because the iBeani will fit them all! The iBeani tablet stand is also future proof as due to its design it will continue to support new phones and tablets released in the future.


Reason #3: A Hands Free Tablet Stand

There has recently been an increase in tablet related RSI (repetitive-strain injuries) as some users have complained about aches and pains in their hand after holding tablets for an extended amount of time mainly due to the size and weight of the tablet. Since the iBeani is completely hands free it takes the strain and weight of the tablet off the user which results in a much more enjoyable viewing experience instead of having to hold the tablet up for hours on end. This in turn reduces the pressure on your shoulders, arms and neck joints - allowing you to use your tablet for longer in absolute comfort.


Reason #4: A Multi Purpose Tablet Stand

Due to the weight and size of the iBeani it also has many other useful uses and can be used as a book stand, travel pillow and for storage of small items to name a few other uses. The iBeani also has a side pocket with is perfect for carrying earphones, chargers or your smartphone while travelling. In addition to this the iBeani also features a durable hanging hoop for hanging the stand up when not in use or to help carry it around.


Reason #5: A Washable Tablet Stand

machine washable

The iBeani is fully washable - perfect for cleaning off those stubborn marks or muddy paw prints! It's possible to put your iBeani in the washing machine, assuming it has no snags/tears that could cause the internal beans to escape. iBeani can also be spot cleaned if preferred, ideal for removing particularly stubborn stains and marks. The iBeani can be washed on a low setting of 30 degrees which is environmentally friendly and saves energy compared to higher temperatures.

Some iBeani owners prefer to put the iBeani in a pillow case before washing to stop it bouncing around the machine and potentially catching on the drum. Please note that the iBeani is fully machine washable at your own risk and officially we recommend that it be spot cleaned.

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