Why choose a bean bag holder for your mobile phone?

Why choose a bean bag holder for your mobile phone?

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. We use our smartphones on the go, in the loo, on the sofa, in the kitchen, at the study table, in the office, pretty much everywhere. Whether you are a power user or a light user, you may have realised that finding the perfect position for your mobile phone can be tricky and even frustrating sometimes. 

That's where a bean bag holder can come in handy. We don't just say that because we make the iBeani, the best voted cushion for phones and tablets. We realise that when it comes to using a phone, comfort is everything. You can only hold your phone in your hands for so long. And most phone stands are impractical at best. 

Here are some top reasons why a bean bag holder is an excellent buy. 

Bean bag mobile stands are lightweight and portable

Bean bag holders are made of lightweight fabric. In fact, the iBeani is the lightest in the market at just 220 grams. It also features a carry loop, which means you can carry your phone holder anywhere you go. 

Bean bag holders offer extreme flexibility

Thanks to the iBeani's unique design, you can easily place your phone at any viewing angle. What's more, you can place it on any surface. You can even place the bean bag on your lap making it super comfortable to use your mobile phone or tablet. Want to read a news article off your phone while you're lying on the sofa? You got it. 

No matter where you place it or how you use it, a bean bag mobile and tablet stand offers a comfortable, stable experience. 

You can wash your bean bag phone stand

Most phone stands available in the market are either made of plastic or metal. However, bean bag holders are made of durable, furniture-grade fabric, which means you can wash your phone holder easily and without worry. 

So if you are very particular about hygiene and cleanliness and want a phone holder that you can thoroughly clean from time to time, then a bean bag holder is your best bet.

Bean bag holders are universal

A bean bag holder can hold any phone, tablet, book or eReader, making it a perfect companion for all the devices in your home. What's more, the viewing angle is completely adjustable, assuring you of hands-free comfort. 

Where can I get one?

All of our bean bag holders are available on our website, click here to see our full range of colours, patterns and designs!

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