Which iBeani style are you?

Which iBeani style are you?

The iBeani tablet holder is a lightweight, stylish bean bag that can hold any tablet, eReader, book or mobile phone securely so you can go handsfree! Its unique design allows you to position your device at any viewing angle no matter the surface – be it the floor, sofa or your lap. 

Voted the best tablet stand, this tablet holder comes in handy no matter what you are doing. Whether you are making a new recipe in the kitchen, lying on the sofa or soaking up some rays in the garden, the iBeani tablet holder offers a stable, comfortable experience!

Made using high-quality, durable, furniture-grade fabrics, the iBeani is machine washable. And you won't even have to empty it before putting it in the washing machine. The most exciting part is that the iBeani is available in an array of designs to suit every taste. 

Slate Grey iBeani

The slate grey iBeani is perfect for the office goer. It's classy, stylish and elegant and the grey shade perfectly complements the subtle look.

Denim Blue iBeani

The denim blue iBeani is an ideal choice for the young at heart. Whether you want to get this beautiful iPad and tablet holder for your teenager, the busy mum or your BFF, this makes for an excellent choice.

Purple iBeani

The purple iBeani is the perfect choice for women of all ages. Whether you want to use this in your home, in the school or at the office, the purple iBeani is the perfect companion. 

Woodland iBeani

Made of animal print fabric, this iBeani style is not only comfortable but looks beautiful too. Whether you are an animal lover or you want to make a statement, this is an excellent choice. 

Cool Cats Print iBeani

Calling all cat lovers, the Cool Cats iBeani print is the perfect style for you. From Black cats to Tabby’s to this adorable design is ideal for you. 

Floral Print iBeani

Who doesn't like flowers? Now carry a bouquet of flowers with you at all times in the form of this floral print iBeanie. 

Owl Print iBeani

This owl print makes for a pretty accessory for your tablet, iPad or eReader. Whether you are heading out with your girlfriends or attending a meeting, this tablet holder is the perfect choice for you. 

Dachshund Print iBeani

The Dachshund print iBeani pays tribute to this popular and cute dog breed. If you love dogs and especially Dachshunds, then look no further than this stylish iBeani.

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