Watching movies on a tablet with Netflix or Sky's Now TV

Watching movies on a tablet with Netflix or Sky's Now TV

Are you one of most that enjoys watching movies or catching up with the latest episode of your favourite TV series on your iPad or tablet device? Then look no further...

With big companies such as Netflx or Sky's NowTV offering great online services for TV and movies - there is no better place to watch than... wherever you feel like, using your tablet.


Isn't it great being able to relax on the sofa, in bed, on the lounge floor surrounded by chinese food & friends or even on the garden, catching the latest episode of the most talked about TV series.. Apart from one problem, having to hold the tablet!

Well look no further. iBeani has a solution for you - our superior quality, UK made tablet bean bag cushion - highly recommended following reviews from the national press and popular online bloggers.

iBeani has be designed to hold any size tablet on pretty much any surface, freeing both hands and reducing those aches and pains from holding a tablet too long. Yes even the tiny tablets get heavy after an hour of Breaking Bad!

iBeani is available in a range of great styles to suit all, whether male, female and of any age.

Take a look today and let iBeani hold your tablet device, allowing you to relax and enjoy the show.

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