The Top Tips to Monitor Your Child's Online Activity

The Top Tips to Monitor Your Child's Online Activity

In the UK, almost 9/10 of those under the age of 16 have a mobile phone and according to the Office of National Statistics 99% of households with children have an internet connection. The rise of educational apps, social media and the term “Google it” increases our daily usage of phones, iPads, laptops and computers.

Parents around the UK are constantly asking themselves whether they should monitor their child’s online activity or not. The answer is 100% yes. However, how do you do you do it without being too intrusive? Here at iBeani, we have the best tips to put your mind at rest and to ensure that your child is completely safe.

Speak to them about internet safety

Communication is key. First and foremost, actually speak to them about internet safety and the dangers that could potentially arise. Ensure that you get across to them that you fully trust them but try to convey how significant it is to understand any online dangers.

Spend time with them while they’re online to learn more about their intent, habits and most importantly; understand who they are interacting with.

Check their history log

Checking the history log is probably one of the easiest methods to understand what sites they have been visiting. However, the history can easily be cleared which is likely to arise if your child has anything to hide.

Enable parental controls

You are able to set parental controls with your internet provider. In laymen’s terms, this will restrict sites that your child can visit. Simply give your provider a call to discuss the different options that are available which are usually strict, moderate and light.

Check the Windows DNS cache

Don’t worry, this is easier than it sounds! However, it is only available to Windows users. It’s worth checking if your child frequently deletes their history as it requires a little more know-how.

Parent control software

There are thousands of parental control apps that you can install onto their device, whether them being free or paid for that can relate to your specific requirements.

Take a look at the best parental control software for 2017 according to

iOS parental controls

Setting up parental controls couldn’t be any easier on iPhones and iPads. Whether you want to prevent the types of apps they download or stop them from visiting particular sites, they have it covered.

You don’t need to worry about being too controlling or overprotective, near enough all of parents monitor their children’s online activity to enhance their safety. By putting a few simple practices in place and carrying out regular checks you can put your mind at rest and protect them from any potential dangers.

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