Top 4 Accessories to Take on Your Staycation!

Top 4 Accessories to Take on Your Staycation!

Planning a staycation? It's the perfect getaway from the rigours of daily life while keeping safe in these uncertain pandemic times! 

Whether you are planning a local staycation or heading further afield, a staycation is a great way to spend time with the family and unwind from life’s everyday stresses. So everything is booked and you’re getting ready to pack your bags, what do you need to take with you? Here are the top 4 accessories to take on your staycation. 

Tablet Cushion

The tablet cushion from iBeani is an award-winning tablet holder that allows you to go hands-free and surf the web or read a book at any viewing angle. Whether you want to rest it on your lap, in the bed or as you lounge on the sofa, this sturdy tablet cushion will support your tablet perfectly. Available in a wide variety of designs and prints, this tablet cushion is portable, handy and the perfect thing to take on your staycation. 

Power Fob

The Power Fob is another revolutionary product from iBeani. This pocket-sized mobile battery charger will help you stay connected no matter where you are. Simply connect your mobile phone to this portable charger and you are sorted! Whether you are camping, trekking or on a road trip as part of your staycation, this portable smartphone charger will give you peace of mind. 


Quishion is a quilt and a cushion in one neat little space-saving package. Your staycation is incomplete without the warmth and cosy comfort of hugging a cushion or snuggling under a quilt. The Quishion gives you the option to use it the way you like – as a cushion when you're watching TV or as a quilt when it’s time to get really comfy!

Tablet Sleeve 

A tablet sleeve offers portability and protection for your device when it's not in use. Whether it is a tablet, iPad, Kindle or eReader, keep your beloved gadget safe and protected when you are not using it. The iBeani tablet sleeve boasts a unique design that allows you to adjust its size to securely hold your tablet no matter how big or small.

There you are. With these accessories, your staycation will be completely sorted. 

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