The learning benefits of tablets for kids

The learning benefits of tablets for kids

Tablets are one of the most popular gadgets amongst the younger generation, with kids becoming owners of these versatile electronic devices at increasingly early ages. There’s no doubt that tablets provide entertainment for children, keeping them busy for hours on end. However, that’s not where their benefits stop. Tablets are becoming widely recognised as extremely useful educational tools, enhancing children’s learning massively. Here are some of the biggest learning benefits of tablets for kids.

Boost language skills

Research shows that tablets can boost children’s language skills. There are various apps designed to improve early phonics and letter identification as well as story comprehension and rhyming. Educational tablet apps are available for different abilities, allowing kids of all ages to benefit from them. What’s great is that parents can track their child's progress on many of these apps. Some of the best recommended include Endless Alphabet (Android, iOS) and Elmo Loves ABCs (iOS). This one offers various play modes for different learning styles.

Cultivating a love of reading

Tablets are fantastic reading tools too. A recent study carried out by Scholastic discovered that whilst children are attracted to both print and eBooks, reading on tablets seems to be much more appealing. These devices offer an exciting opportunity to motivate reluctant readers, particularly boys, to read more books. In addition, a researcher from the Institute of Education in London has said that kids who read via tablets are often more engaged and confident than those who only use books.

Develop an aptitude for tech

Tablets can help children to develop an aptitude for technology. This is a hugely valuable skill now and is likely to become even more so in the future. Technology will become a significant part of school learning in the years to come. It’s therefore useful for kids to explore it at an early age.

Many schools already use tablets, with around three quarters making use of children’s educational tablet games for learning, both in the classroom and remotely if children are unable to attend lessons. Many children become curious about what makes tablets and other computer devices work, often developing an interest in learning to code, for example.  

Children are in charge of the fun

The best, and arguably the most important part of tablet learning for kids that they’re in charge of the fun. With their homework, you may need to stand over them and make sure they do it. However, this is unlikely to be an issue when they have a tablet. With so many fun apps designed to make learning as engaging and enjoyable as possible, parents can leave kids to learn independently, safe in the knowledge that their little brains are gathering a huge range of educational skills that will benefit their learning now and in the future.

Educational tablets for kids are ideal for all ages, with children as young as three benefiting from learning apps and games. At iBeani, we sell a huge range of tablet accessories to make kids learning even more enjoyable.

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