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The best tablets for the kitchen 2020

Tablets are one of modern tech’s most versatile devices. Whilst they may have been originally designed to address business needs, they have advanced to become highly adaptable machines which can be used for a variety of purposes. Tablets are particularly well-suited to the kitchen, with many people using them to follow recipes or watch Netflix shows whilst they cook. The question is, which tablets are best for the kitchen? Here’s a rundown of the top kitchen tablets in 2020.

iPad (2020)

Apple's latest iPad is the number one recommended tablet for kitchen use. This device allows you to do everything you need in the kitchen, from looking up recipes and browsing digital cookbooks to playing YouTube cooking tutorials. Importantly for many people, you can also use voice-activated tech to ask cooking questions or play music.

The iPad strikes the right balance between design, function, and cost. Whilst it’s not perfect, it’s close enough for £329. With a lengthy battery life, a solid A10 processor with a nice amount of RAM, and a large screen that’s big enough to read easily even when it’s sitting on a countertop a few feet away, it’s a good choice for a kitchen tablet.

If you’re someone who enjoys singing along to your favourite tunes whilst cooking, we recommend getting yourself a Bluetooth speaker. Take a look at the Apollo Voice smart speaker on the iBeani website. You can stream your music from the iPad to your speaker whilst you cook up a storm.

The Fire 10 HD

If you’re on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t still bag yourself a brilliant tablet for the kitchen. The Fire 10 HD is a great choice if you want a screen for cooking or music but you don't want to spend much money.

Alexa is a good reason to choose the Fire 10 HD for kitchen use. Recent Amazon software upgrades allow you to treat this tablet like any other Alexa-enabled device. The new ‘Show Mode’ basically turns the Fire 10 into a smart device, much like the Echo Show speaker. You can ask Alexa to find recipes and videos, set timers, and even play music without even lifting a finger.

Whilst the Fire 10 isn’t the fastest tablet, it’s suitable for most kitchen tasks, including reading recipes and watching videos. It’s nowhere near as quick as even the most basic iPad though. However, at £89.99, you have to make some compromises. The Fire 10 is certainly a good option for a budget tablet for the kitchen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The latest and best Samsung Galaxy Tab is the S7 and it’s perfect for kitchen use. In many ways, it’s the Android answer to the iPad. The resemblance to the iPad Pro is uncanny. Not only is it powerful enough to hold its own against the iPad, but its screen is every bit as bright and sharp.

Videos and images are crisp and vibrant – ideal for viewing recipes and watching cooking tutorials on its big screen. It also has a similar impressive battery life to the iPad Pro. The Galaxy Tab might be pricey at £549, but it’s high price tag is reflected in its powerful performance and great features.

The tablet is the ideal piece of tech for the kitchen, allowing you to search for recipes online, watch videos of cooking techniques, even share your delectable dishes on social media! Once you’ve found the right device, why not buy a tablet cushion to find the perfect angle for your tablet whilst you’re cooking? Browse the iBeani website for market-leading tablet accessories.
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