The best tablet accessories you can’t live without

The best tablet accessories you can’t live without

As tablets have advanced to become one of the must-have electronic devices for work and play, the range of accessories available for them has expanded dramatically. From tablets cushions and stands to speakers, cases, styluses, there’s an accessory to fit every need. Here are the best tablet accessories that you can’t live without.

Tablet cushion

Tablet cushions are the new must-have accessory on the market. Ideal for resting your device on and taking the strain off your tired arms and wrists, they make tablet use far less demanding. Finding the perfect spot for your tablet can be tough, whether you’re watching a TV show or movie or talking to a friend or colleague via Zoom. You may find yourself struggling to find the right angle to use your device comfortably.

Tablet cushions not only allow you to completely hands-free but offer several different viewing angles. iBeani is the leading tablet cushion in the marketplace and is suitable for all iPad and tablet models and generations.

Apollo Voice personal Bluetooth smart speaker

Few tablet users can do without a powerful Bluetooth speaker. It’s a great way to boost the sound from your device, with the best speakers offering crisp, clear audio. Whether you use your tablet to listen to Spotify, podcasts, or for conference calls, a high-quality speaker is a worthy investment.

The Apollo Voice personal Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic piece of tech. With a range of great features from a noise-cancelling microphone to unique suction cups and Alexa function, it’s one of the best on the market.


As screens have become larger, our fingertips have become accustomed to clicking, zooming, and creating. However, there are some drawbacks to using our fingers for tablet-use, particularly when the activity requires precision. For many tasks, writing professional signatures, for example, a stylus pen is more effective.

A stylus not only gives you more control when using your tablet, but it also leaves no oily smudges or stains on the screen as your finger might do. The iBeani stylus for tablet and mobile is super stylish and works on any touchscreen device.  

Tablet sleeves

A tablet and its sleeve go hand in hand, with this essential accessory providing safe storage for your device. Sleeves can protect your valuable tablet from damage and dirt, potentially expanding its lifespan. They also usually offer sufficient space for items such as cables or notebooks.

The best tablet sleeves, such as the iPad, tablet & eReader tablet case from iBeani are adjustable, allowing you to alter its size to securely hold any size tablet. This sleeve is manufactured from high-quality felt which isn’t just extremely stylish, but durable and able to offer a high level of protection to your device.

Blue light blocking glasses

Whether you use your tablet for leisure activities like watching movies or playing games or for work tasks, you’re no doubt clocking up some serious screen time. This can cause several ill effects on your body and mind, from eye strain and headaches to insomnia. The good news is that you buy iBeani blue light blocking glasses to absorb the high-energy blue light that’s emitted from your device and causing these symptoms.

As tech continues to evolve, so does the desire to have all the accessories that make using tablets easier. Browse iBeani’s great range of tablet accessories today.
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