The Best Healthcare Apps that Make Your Life Easier in 2021

The Best Healthcare Apps that Make Your Life Easier in 2021

The last two years have been quite challenging for everyone and whilst many of us are looking forward to going back to normal, there are certain things that have become quite convenient. In this blog we bring to you the best healthcare apps that make your life easier in 2021. Whether you are looking to start a healthy lifestyle by eating healthier, exercising more or just looking for the most convenient way to attend and book your GP consultations, we’ve got you covered. Load your phone with all of these apps and the most important step towards living a healthier lifestyle is done.

Keep 'Fiit' with the best app for exercise classes 

One of the most comprehensive at-home gym experiences, the Fiit app allows you to follow a range of exercise classes including cardio, strength, Pilates and Yoga. There are 25 and 40 minute sessions that you can choose from, and different difficulty levels to work-out all of your body muscles.

Download from App Store and Google Play.


Start exercising safely with EXi 

It is important to start exercising at a lower level of intensity, especially if you have just started training. For some of us sore muscles and discomfort can easily result in loss of motivation. That's where EXi comes in; based on your current fitness level as well as any existing medical conditions, this NHS-approved app provides a tailor-made fitness programme that you can follow by training on your preferred type of exercises.

Download from App Store and Google Play


Keep track of your medical appointments and repeat prescriptions with myGP

Another NHS-approved app, MyGP keeps track of all your healthcare needs. You can book your doctor's appointments, order medical prescriptions from the comfort of your home, check your medical records and manage yours and your family's health easily and quickly. With most GP surgeries now offering online and video consultations you can save time on travelling and waiting for an otherwise face-to-face appointment.

Download from App Store and Google Play


Learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals with SideChef

With more than 16,000 meals to choose from, a meal planner and automatic shopping lists, with SideChef you can't go wrong! This amazing app will guide you through cooking delicious, healthy meals and create interesting meal plans for you and your family. You'll follow a step-by-step guide and video demonstrations whilst its built-in timer will let you know exactly when the steps are completed and when the food is ready. 

Download from App Store and Google Play


Track your calories intake and your diet with MyFitnessPal   

This popular diet tracker app is very easy to use, remembers your favourite meals and most importantly it has a comprehensive database that includes over five million foods. So you'll have no issues with logging the exact items that you ate.

Download from App Store and Google Play


Here’s where our iBeani tablet and mobile phone bean bag holder comes in!

The ideal tablet and mobile phone holder! Whether you are exercising, attending a medical consultation or preparing a healthy delicious meal, the iBeani bean bag holder is the perfect support for your device. Thanks to its design and ease of use, the iBeani bean bag cushion is the perfect solution when it comes to the ideal stand for your device. They're universal and can hold up to 12.9 inches. They're stable on any surface, ultra-lightweight and portable, machine washable and award winning due to its incredible functionality and versatility. The iBeani bean bag holder is a great gift for all ages and it's "the world's most comfortable tablet stand". Choose from our amazing range of designs and purchase yours today!

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