The 6 best iPhone Apps Ever!

The 6 best iPhone Apps Ever!

When Apple launched its App Store in 2008, no-one could have known how huge and influential it would become. In the past 12 years, there have been millions of iPhone apps fulfilling a wide range of purposes. Whilst many of them are fun, entertaining, or informative, some have even changed the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone apps ever.

Obscura Camera

For iPhone photography fans, the Obscura Camera app was a reason to rejoice. The app, which was launched back in 2015, made it so much easier for people to capture stunning images on their phones. Whether shooting in landscape or portrait, the app lets you take the perfect photo. The app’s Control Wheel fits into your hand easily, which means all the features are accessible with one thumb. 


Remote was one of the very first iPhone apps in 2008. Whilst many other apps launched back then have faded away, Remote remains one of the most popular to this day. The app is incredibly useful, letting you control Apple Music, iTunes, or Apple TV from anywhere in your home. Over the years, it’s received several updates, including AirPlay support.

BeeJive IM

Anyone looking for a fast and fun instant messaging app had their prayers answered when BeeJive was launched in 2008. It may be one of the oldest iOS apps, but it remains one of the best. Polished, reliable, and with tons of settings to play with, it’s no surprise it has held its own so well as an IM app.


Fantastical is a popular calendar app which launched in 2017. Whilst you may have access to Apple’s Calendar app on your iPhone, Fantastical is much more fun to use. Attractive, clean, and with a range of great features, it allows you to manage basic events with ease. Plus, this app works seamlessly across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Fantastical makes missing important events almost impossible!


Believe it or not, fans had to wait until 2012 for a YouTube app to be available on iPhone. Whilst there was a YouTube app on the first iPhone, and on every model since, that app was made by Apple rather than YouTube. This meant that there was a notoriously poor selection of YouTube videos for people to choose from. The app gave users the full YouTube experience, allowing them to watch anything from funny cat clips to music videos and beauty tutorials.


Let’s face it, this list wouldn’t be complete without the top app for all-time worldwide downloads – Facebook. The social networking giant launched its app in 2008, not long after the App Store opened its virtual doors. The app lets you stay in touch with loved ones, find new friends who share your interests, buy and sell items, and even watch new content. Facebook is the world’s most downloaded app, with a huge 4.6 billion downloads over the past decade.


Choosing just six great apps from millions was challenging to say the least, but we feel we’ve selected the perfect blend of retro and current. The Apple App Store is now the second-biggest app store, with nearly 1.96 million apps for iOS.

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