Ways to Save Battery Life on an iPad

Ways to Save Battery Life on an iPad

It's a problem we all face, the battery on your iPad or other tablet device never seems to last long, and always happens to run out as you want to use it, plus the cable never stretches quite far enough from the socket to where you are sitting comfortably.

At iBeani, we have done a bit of digging and testing, to find the best 5 ways, in our opinion, that can help preserve the battery on your iPad, and we assume the same is applicable for other tablet devices.

1. Reduce your screen brightness

As you can appreciate, the brighter your screen on your iPad the more energy it is taking, hence shorter battery life. Within the settings, you will find the brightness control, turn it to half way or less; yes it is darker but after 10 minutes, you won't even notice any difference, except your battery may last longer.

2. Turn off Location Services

Unless you are using an app that needs to know where you are, such as Sat Nav or a location based discount app, turn it off! You can control location settings per app within the location services settings, under Privacy. Location Services is another form of wireless communication, that can drain your battery.

3. Fetch emails less often

We all use our tablet devices now for sending and receiving email, and they are handy. Unless you are the busiest email communicator on earth, why do you tell your iPad to fetch emails every 15 minutes? Set it to hourly at least or even manually, then when you want to check your emails from time to time, just scroll to update. The more often your device is 'fetching' emails, the more battery life it is using. This setting is located under Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data

4. Turn off Bluetooth

Unless you are planning on connecting to speakers, keyboards or Bluetooth headphones for example, turn it off. Bluetooth is another form of wireless communication that drains your battery, if it's not being used, switch it off. If you are on the latest IOS software you can turn Bluetooth off/on within settings, juts under WiFi.

5. Exit apps properly

When you have finished using an app, whether it be emails, internet, news or games, double tap your home button, then flick the apps away from you by swiping your finger over each one (if using the latest IOS software), this will ensure they are exited properly. You may not be aware but apps will still be running in the background. If they are running they are using energy and draining your battery.

We hope this helps the battery life on your tablet devices, it has ours. Let us know how you get on by commenting below.

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