iPhone 6 Size - Phablet or Phone

iPhone 6 Size - Phablet or Phone

Thousands camped for days outside Apple stores around the world to be amongst the first to purchase the latest device from Apple, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and what a great device they are. The stand out feature of the latest devices is the screen size, either 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches but we ask are phones becoming more of a phablet than a phone? 

That old saying, "size doesn't matter" isn't true with the new iPhone 6 and software! Apple have created extra features linked to the rotate function, so your emails and messages will now look more like an outlook screen on rotate than the simple view before, which is great. This is the largest and thinnest yet, according to apple, with not just a bigger display but a better display too!

With the iPhone's extra power and better camera, faster wireless and breakthrough security, Apple have sure done well...again! And we are hearing lots of positive comments about Apple's latest release. 

Phablet or Phone?

Put aside the amazement of the new phone and software from Apple, should they have named this wizardry device the iPhablet 6? You sure will need deep pockets for the 6 plus, not just the cost, and everyday use is going to require using both hands and not just a thumb as before. 

So let us introduce iBeani and free both hands when using your new iPhone for gaming, surfing the net or emailing. iBeani have developed a range of superior quality, stylish bean bag cushions for tablet devices which also work great with Phablets or the new iPhone 6 plus!

Wherever you are, iBeani will provide stability and convenience.

Take a look at our range and let iBeani hold that for you!

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