iBeani Team Up With The National Gallery

iBeani Team Up With The National Gallery

It's exciting times here at iBeani as we've just signed a new deal with the world famous National Gallery based in London! As part of the deal we will be producing two unique, special edition tablet stands based upon two of the National Gallery's most famous pieces - Vincent van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and George Stubb's "Whistlejacket". If you can't wait for their release then we've included some sneak preview images below. The full range is available to buy from November 1st.

The National Gallery iBeani designs will be available for sale in our iBeani store as well as the following locations:

National Gallery iBeani Design Images:

George Stubbs Whistlejacket iBeani:

george stubbs whistlejacket ieaniWhistlejacket Geogrge Stubbs Tablet Stand

Van Gogh Sunflowers iBeani:

iBeani Van Gogh SunflowersVan Gogh Sunflowers Tablet Stand


About The National Gallery:

The National Gallery is the 4th most visited museum in the world, with more yearly visitors than The Vatican museum, and is the second most popular museum in the UK just behind The British Museum. The National Gallery houses over 2,300 works of art from world renowned artists including Van Gogh, Velzquez and Stubbs, covering hundreds of years of Western European art styles.

About the new iBeani designs:

Van Gogh's Sunflowers:
The Van Gogh Sunflower iBeani will be made from a unique, high quality fabric with a repeated print of the famous painting (see the images below for an example). As with all iBeani's it can be used with any tablet, eReader, iPad or mobile device, is easy to clean and is multi-functional (did you know you can use your iBeani as a handy travel pillow?). It's also covered by our 30 day money back guarantee for the ultimate in peace of mind.

George Stubb's Whistlejacket:
Our iBeani take on George Stubb's Whistlejacket oil painting will feature the icon horse design repeated on a high quality, easy to clean fabric. Just like the Sunflowers iBeani (and all others!)it will be compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, iPads and eReaders and is fully multi-functional (we've already mentioned the travel pillow, but did you know the iBeani can also double up as a steady camera mount for those long exposure shots?). As always, you're also covered by our industry leading 30 day money back guarantee.

What people have to say:

Judith Mather, Buying Director at The National Gallery:
“We are very happy to be stocking the iBeani with images of two of the most recognisable paintings in the collection. We feel the iBeani fits perfectly with our range of licensed products and lends itself well in terms of design. We love the fact that the materials are sourced in the UK and the product is of great quality. Every purchase from the Gallery shops generates valuable revenue for the Gallery and sales through retailers nationwide helps increase awareness.”

Ashley Freer, Director at iBeani:
“We are delighted to have secured the deal with National Gallery Company. The fact that they have allowed us to recreate such iconic  paintings on the iBeani, to sell within the National Gallery and other retail outlets worldwide is a testament to the quality of our product and the hard work that has gone in to producing it. The National Gallery is a proud British institution and we are thrilled to be able to support it through each and every sale. The initial launch designs look fantastic and we are certain that they will go down well with art and tablet lovers alike.”

This deal is huge for the iBeani brand and is something that we are incredibly proud of. It's amazing how far we've come and we couldn't do it without you - our wonderful customers and fans!

Be sure to check out the new National Gallery iBeani's in our online store. We'd also love to see some images of how you use your new iBeani so send them to us on Twitter or Facebook and we'll feature the best!

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