World Ocean Day 2018: How We’re Helping Save the Planet

World Ocean Day 2018: How We’re Helping Save the Planet

The 8th of June marks the annual World Ocean Day which has taken place every year since 1992. On this day, companies and organisations get together to help organise special events. Whether its arranging beach cleanups, educating the public on conservation action programs, or hosting an art competition, World Ocean Day is all about spreading awareness of keeping our oceans clean.

It’s no secret that sea pollution kills hundreds of thousands of sea life every year while damaging many others habitats. The biggest offenders are items such as plastic, cans and bags which do not break down easily over time and can be deadly hazards for many sea creatures.

Here at iBeani, we love the sea and everything in it. From the wide variety of fish to the dolphins and whales, each creature plays an important part in the sea’s ecosystem.

We might not be able to completely put a stop to sea pollution by ourselves, but there are two main things that we can do. Reduce our pollution and emissions while also helping spread awareness about corporate responsibility and being environmentally friendly.

That's why here at iBeani we’ve been working hard over the past few years to reduce as much of our unnecessary packaging and pollution as possible. To give you a break down on what we’ve managed to achieve, here are the main points:

No More Kimble Tags

Kimble tags are pieces of plastic that are often found attaching labels on clothing and other items. These pieces of plastic are incredibly strong and don’t break down easily. If just one of these were to end up in the ocean, then they could cause severe damage to fish, turtles and a whole range of other creatures.

After reviewing our packaging and products, we’ve ditched the Kimble tags and now use recyclable card wraps which are far less damaging to the environment.

Sustainable Fabrics

All of our fabrics conform to REACH regulations.

REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals. 

One of the several aims of REACH is: “To provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals", something which we are happy to be helping with.

No More Polythene Bags

Just like removing our plastic Kimble tags, we’ve also removed other types of plastic from our packaging. Polythene bags might be great at keeping products dry and safe, but there are plenty of other alternatives that will do the same thing.

We’ve ditched these dangerous polythene bags and have swapped them for recyclable tissue paper and gift boxes. Not only are they less dangerous, but they can also be recycled time and time again.

ibeani recyclable packagingWe supply many retailers with our award-winning product and used to prepare a package then wrap them for delivery using the pallet plastic film or large plastic shipping bags.

We no longer do this, instead we have invested in large recyclable cardboard boxes for all our wholesale shipments/deliveries.

That’s thousands and thousands less meters of plastic going into the environment every year, helping our oceans and the wildlife within them.

Lower Emissions

After reducing the environmental impact of our packaging as much as possible, we then turned our attention to our emissions. As a manufacturer of tablet stands, we regularly order materials from suppliers which emit a lot of emissions during transportation. To help reduce our carbon footprint, we now order larger quantities of materials which means less regular deliveries and fewer emissions wasted on driving back and forth.

But that’s not everything we’ve been working on, take a look at what Ashley the Co-founder and Joint Managing Director at iBeani said:

“We have always been environmentally conscious but never really understood the devastation caused by plastics and other waste until we were recently Inspired by Sky Ocean Rescue and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. Following these powerful documentaries, we made big changes as part of our re-branding project. We cut out plastics in our packaging completely and try and be more environmentally friendly as much as we possibly can. Although we recognise we are not 100% eco-friendly, we are continuing to work hard to do as much as we can to protect this beautiful planet on which we live. We might only be a small company in the grand scheme of things, but if every business did their bit to reduce pollutions and emissions, we could make a massive difference to our environment and habitats for all creatures, for future generations.”

You can find out more about the Sky Ocean Rescue program by clicking here

Help keep the ocean clean by supporting companies who are environmentally responsible. Discover our new and improved eco-friendly packaging included as standard on all iBeani purchases. Shop our iBeani tablet stand range below.

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