iBeani a Hot Pick says the Metro Newspaper

iBeani a Hot Pick says the Metro Newspaper

iBeani iPad, eReader and tablet bean bag cushion features in the Metro 'Hot Picks' list.

If you're seeking the perfect accessory for your iPad, tablet or eReader then look no further; iBeani has been recognised by the Metro as being one if the most exciting products they've seen.

With over twenty fashion conscious fabrics to choose from there's definitely a style to suit all tastes, whether male or female, young or old and making sure that your iBeani tablet stand fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

iBeani is becoming widely recognised as the most comfortable and stylish way the prop up your iPad, tablet or eReader. Choosing an iBeani tablet bean bag cushion allows you to select any viewing angle on virtually any surface, leaving you with both hands free to relax, browse and read with both hands free; and when your finished, it looks so cool you just won't need to tidy it away!

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