How to have the perfect duvet day

How to have the perfect duvet day

How to have the perfect duvet day

If there’s one thing a winter lockdown calls for, it’s a duvet day. When everything is closed and it’s cold and wet outside, there’s nothing more tempting than getting cosy on your couch and taking some quality time to relax and recharge. Read on to find out how to have the perfect duvet day.

Get yourself a Quishion

To make sure you’re as warm, snug, and cosy as possible during your duvet day, we recommend getting yourself a Quishion. Although it’s not a duvet per se, it’s arguably even better! Made by iBeani, it’s basically a cushion which transforms into a top-to-toe quilt. It’s ideal for a duvet day on the couch. You can be lazy in luxury when you have a Quishion!

Don’t forget the snacks

Let’s face it, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when settling down for a duvet day is forgetting the snacks! The day simply can’t be complete with some carefully selected treats for you to munch on. If you’ve chosen to quit your healthy eating plan for your duvet day, stock up on chocolate, crisps, popcorn, and cakes! If you want to stick to healthy foods, make sure you have some nutritious snacks, such as fruits and nuts.

Crank up the entertainment factor

A duvet day wouldn’t be the same without getting stuck into a good box set. Binging on your favourite TV show can be incredibly satisfying, and we’re sure you’ll agree, is time well spent! Whether it’s catching up on dramas, starting a new series, or watching a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s essential for a good duvet day. After all the on-screen excitement, you can always watch a good book on your tablet. So many fantastic books can be downloaded with just a few clicks. Check out these tablet cushions which can help you achieve the perfect angle for your device.

Wear comfortable clothes

Don’t underestimate the importance of wearing comfortable clothes for a duvet day. Say goodbye to those pencil skirts and suits reserved for the office and change into something more relaxed. Pyjamas are the obvious choice, whether it’s your best cashmere PJs or your old comfy dressing down, it’s all about getting totally snug and cosy.  

Have a nap

Napping sometimes gets a bad rep, but if you can’t catch a few winks on your duvet day, when can you? Plus, studies actually show that an afternoon nap is great for our health, reducing fatigue, increasing alertness, and improving mood. There's no need to feel lazy for enjoying some daytime sleep. If you feel like drifting off during your duvet day, don’t fight it! 

A duvet day is the ideal opportunity to recharge and enjoy some quality time to yourself doing nothing but watching TV or reading books. So, slow down, get snuggled under your Quishion, and spend the whole day doing something you really enjoy. Your body and mind will thank you for it!
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