Gogglebox iPad Tablet Cushion Bean Bag

Gogglebox iPad Tablet Cushion Bean Bag

When watching Gogglebox, we noticed our favourite two, Steph & Dom use their tablet device a lot. So, we sent them a Baby Giraffe iBeani Tablet Cushion Bean Bag to try, which are suitable for all tablet devices including iPads and Kindles.

iBeani is the most stylish and comfortable tablet cushion available, giving you 100% stability on any surface at, any viewing angle, Anywhere. Whether you use your tablet device on your knee whilst watching TV, in bed, at the desk, in the car; An iBeani is the perfect companion to any tablet device.

We are proud to say all of our products are of a superior quality and hand-made in the UK.

So if we happen to see them using our iBeani over the next few weeks, this is where you can get yours! :)

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