Exercising at Home with iBeani

Exercising at Home with iBeani

Exercising at home and using fitness apps for tablets or other smart device fitness apps, is becoming increasingly popular these days, and a huge surge has been witnessed as poeple spend more time at home during COVID19 (Coronavirus).

It has been a great effort from the famous personal trianers like Joe Wicks with his morning PE with Joe The Body Coach, where 100's of thousands of people are taking part every day. Whether you are a beginner to fitness or a regular gym goer, it's great to see the world coming together for a morning workout.

It is essential that we all keep as fit and as healthy as we can during these unprecedented times and hope that many people continue to stay active long into the future. It's a great way to start the day and relax your mind.

One fitness app for personal training at home, that our staff have found useful is Up Strength - Excellent fitness videos that makes working out simple but fun. Upstrength provides you with clear, video based personal training sessions, tailored to your specific needs. You'll also have access to online nutrition help and advice. Take a look.


How can iBeani help with your at home fitness workout?

Getting involved in online fitness myself, and taking part in live morning workouts, it is apparant that people are struggling to hold their device stable, and at the right angle for viewing whilst also trying to get themselves into position or lift a dumbbell. Even the personal trainer is known to try and prop their tablet up on all sorts of things, to record the at home fitness session, only for it to topple over or slip.  An iBeani tablet cushion will hold any size device, stable on any surface, at any viewing angle. So whether you are recording a fitness session, taking part, or watching a workout on your fitness app for tablet or youtube, then iBeani is the answer. With designs to suit males, females and the kids too. Take a look and order yours today!

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