Enjoy The Summer Wherever You Are

Enjoy The Summer Wherever You Are

There is a great summer of sport ahead of us, and with the iBeani, you can be sure to make the most of it.  The iBeani tablet bean bag stand allows you to sit your tablet comfortably on your lap with no need to keep a tight grip on your expensive hardware.  The convenience of being able to have your hands free whilst watching Wimbledon on your tablet means you can enjoy that glass of Pimms and a ploughmans without the fumbling.

And if tennis isn’t your thing, there is nothing quite like sat in the sun watching the football (England’s early exit aside!) with your iPad secured on the iBeani and both hands ready to be thrown in the air when your team takes the spoils!  Who to support in the World Cup? Now that is something that the iBeani can’t help with!

Using a tablet stand that contours to your lap means that you can take it with you anywhere and are sure to be comfortable whilst your tablet is secure.  Imagine sat on the hills overlooking Holmfirth as the Tour de France rides by, updating your social media whilst your hands are free from having to hold an expensive piece of tech securely. 

iPads and other tablets mean that we can have full access to the digital world without the need for a fixed location.  Take your work into the garden, play angry birds whilst on a picnic or compose that masterpiece halfway up a mountain.  Wherever you are, the iBeani tablet stand will give you stability and convenience.  So get out there this summer and make the most of it!

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