Duet - Do More!

Duet - Do More!

Using two screens at once allows you to be more productive with your time and further enables creativity. Whether it be students writing essays and carrying out research on the other screen, or photographers using editing software while uploading photos, dual screening is becoming more and more popular and there isn’t much guesswork as to why.

Duet Display is the first ever app that allows the use of your iPad or iPhone to be used as another screen for your desktop to support the use of dual screening. As it’s been built by ex-Apple engineers, it means that they know everything there is to know about your device and requirements. One of its impressive features is that there is no time lag!

The app allows for you to stream the work you are doing on your desktop to the iDevice you have connected via a lightning or 30 pin cable.

By simply purchasing the Duet Display app for only £9.99 on the AppStore, you can unlock endless possibilities of what you can do with dual screens. Being compatible with all iPads and iPhones with iOS 7.0+ software, you can connect your devices to all desktops that are OS X 10.9+ or Windows 7+.

The one of a kind app allows you to increase productivity by around 48%, Duet allows for an extremely efficient experience with your devices, giving a retina display of 60 frames per second with absolutely no lag.

Offering features such as the Touch Bar for your iDevice, Duet can be connected to a Mac running Sierra 10.12 software and onwards to allow for easier accessibility.

Business Insider UK said “While other apps that already exist, like Air Display, will turn your iPad into a second display, those apps usually connect your iPad to your Mac or PC using Wi-Fi, which can lead to a lot of lag. Duet Display, on the other hand, has zero lag, and it also offers a true Retina resolution that takes full advantage of the iPad's HD display.”

To see the Duet app in action, please click this YouTube link.

How do you setup Duet Display?

The installation process couldn’t be any easier – follow the steps below!

Download Duet Display from the App Store whether you’re using a PC or Mac.

Download on Mac

Your Mac needs to have macOS 10.9 or later before you begin.

Download it from duetdisplay.com/mac

Download on PC

Windows 7 or later is required. 

Install on Mac

Click on the app

Allow permission to add a graphics driver.

When installed, restart your device, then you’re ready to go!

Install on PC

Open the installer by double clicking the “exe”.

Follow the instructions.

Restart your PC, then click on the Duet icon to start using it.

Connecting Duet to your device

Simply connect your iPad or iPhone to your device using the USB or lightning cable.

When it’s connected, you will be presented with a “Launching Duet” message, then the desktops will configure themselves!

Ensure that your iPad or iPhone is in the perfect position whilst you’re utilising the dual screen technology with one of our bean bag iPad stands. The innovative design means they can be used on any surface, at any angle. They even have a side pocket that can house your earphones.

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