DIY Bean Bag Tablet Holder – To make or To buy?

DIY Bean Bag Tablet Holder – To make or To buy?

A bean bag tablet holder is an absolute must if you are using an iPad, Tablet, eReader or Kindle. It makes for a great gift for yourself or your loved one. The bean bag tablet holder can be used as a cushion or stand for your devices. You can place it anywhere – kitchen counter, sofa, bed and get the best hands-free viewing and reading.

Make a Bean Bag Tablet Holder

Looking for a bean bag tablet holder for your devices? You can make one for yourself if you have basic sewing skills and a knack for handling fabrics. Here’s how you can make one.

Materials Required

You will need medium weight fabric in the colour of your choice, inner fabric for the lining, filling such as dried beans or beads, plastic pellets, fabric scraps, a sewing machine, iron, scissors, thread, pins, measuring tape, paper, pen and some basic cutting and sewing skills.

Designing, Cutting and Sewing

You can search online for a bean bag Tablet holder design. Measure the fabric for the lining. Cut the fabric and sew the edges leaving an opening for the filling. Turn the sewn lining bag inside out and fill it with the filling material. Now sew the opening closed.

Measure the fabric for the outer bag, cut and sew leaving an opening big enough to fit the lining bag. Adjust the lining bag inside and then sew the opening closed. Attach handles if you would like to carry the bean bag with you when you travel.

Why Buying a Bean Bag Tablet Holder Makes More Sense?

While you may enjoy DIY sewing projects, it makes sense to buy your bean bag tablet holder than try making one on your own.

Quality bean bag Tablet holders are made to perfect measurements by experts. The fabrics used are durable, top-quality, furniture grade as well as fully machine washable. The ‘beans’ are good quality filling that will not lose shape with time. Top-quality stitching that is guided by stringent quality control makes the bean bag tablet holders sturdy and secure.

The bean bag holder is designed to hold iPads and devices up to 12.9 inches. So, you can use it for any of your devices and anywhere that you like. It is also designed to make life comfortable for anyone suffering from joint pain, arthritis and RSI. This makes the bean bag tablet holder cushion and stand a must-have for sure!

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