The Dangers Of Tablet Devices: How Tablet RSI Could Be Unknowingly Affecting You

The Dangers Of Tablet Devices: How Tablet RSI Could Be Unknowingly Affecting You

Many people use tablets nowadays on a regular basis and are quickly becoming part of everyday life. But did you know your tablet could actually be damaging your health, without you even knowing?

It might not be that obvious as say pulling a muscle, but research has shown that users who regularly use mobile tablet devices are at an increased risk of developing repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Using your table for only a few hours a day greatly increases your chances of getting RSI if you don’t hold it correctly.

In the past there have been reports of smartphones causing RSI to individuals who regularly text and use the devices. In fact there has even been a condition named “Blackberry Thumb” or “De Quervain” syndrome after it.

This condition is suffered by people who repeatedly use the roller ball scroller on their Blackberry when sending text messages or using the phone in general. This is a painful condition that can cause spasms and burning sensation in the hand making it difficult to clench and grip things.

A similar kind of condition has been observed from users who use their tablets for extended periods of time. Many users have started to complain of aches and pains from holding their mobile tablets.

Many users hold the iPad in their hands while they watch or read. Occasionally they will us one of their hands to swipe or type on the tablet. By doing this for long periods of time it can have terrible effects on your wrists and fingers. One tablet user commented saying “Most of the weight of the iPad gets pressed right into your wrists. The combination of a rounded metal corner pressing into a tensed muscle gets painful quickly.”

Not only are the risks just limited to your hands and wrists but also other areas of your body. When using tablets they can sometimes force you into unnatural positions in order to use the tablet. Such as bending over to look at the tablet can cause back and neck issues when sitting in the same position for a long time.


What is Tablet RSI?

RSI, also known as repetitive strain injury is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles or nerves caused by repetitive movement or use. The most common areas RSI is normally found are the wrists, hands, neck and shoulders. These areas also happen to be the most common areas people complain about when using mobile tablets.

Symptoms of RSI can include things such as pain, aching or tingling coming from those areas or in more severe cases cramp and stiffness. At first you might only notice the symptoms when you are holding your tablet. But without taking regular breaks and letting your hands and wrists recover these effects can become constant and not just when you’re using your tablet.

Tablet RSI is really something you don’t want you get, especially when it is so easily avoided by using the right posture and tablet accessories.


How Can I Prevent Tablet RSI?

The best way to avoid getting tablet RSI is to do something about it now and change the way you use your tablet. The two ways you can prevent tablet RSI are; getting a suitable tablet stand to hold your tablet and by taking regular breaks.

As you can see most RSI injuries are caused by repetitively using the same muscles for long periods of time. The main problem for tablet users is holding the tablet with your hands as the weight puts unwanted pressure on your hands and wrists.

The best way to avoid tablet RSI is to get a suitable tablet stand. By having a tablet stand this takes the weight off your hands and wrists thus eliminating any problems. Then you can sit back and use your tablet for whatever you want.

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