Christmas markets cancelled for 2020

Christmas markets cancelled for 2020

From Edinburgh to York, Manchester to Bath, the UK is famous for its magnificent Christmas markets. A visit to them is an exciting annual occasion for many people. Twinkling fairy lights, mulled wine, and fantastic gifts are all part of the festive experience. Unfortunately, with Covid-19 cases rising yet again, many of this year’s markets have been cancelled. Some of the biggest and most popular of them, including York, Lincoln, Harrogate, Leeds, and Manchester have all been called off, leaving shoppers feeling low on Christmas cheer.  

Why have the Christmas markets been cancelled?

With the festive period drawing nearer, city leaders are under pressure to decide if the Christmas markets can go ahead. Sadly, many believe that it’s just too risky to host the markets this year, with health concerns growing about packing large crowds of shoppers into city centres. It’s thought that maintaining social distancing would simply be too difficult.

The coronavirus pandemic that has changed everyone’s lives in a multitude of ways is far from over. Cases of the virus have climbed considerably in recent weeks. Lockdown is being tightened in many areas, with a national lockdown a possibility in the near future.

Cllr Pat Karney, Manchester's Christmas Markets spokesman, said that the markets don’t meet public health approval and that the council "could never take any risks" with people's wellbeing.

Similarly, Sean Bullick, a spokesman for York Christmas Markets, said that safety considerations must come first. He said the decision to cancel this year’s Christmas markets is in line with the latest public health advice.

The UK’s Christmas markets are a huge attraction not just regionally and nationally, but internationally too. The events attract thousands of people from around the world annually. 

Shop independent online

One of the most exciting things about visiting the UK’s Christmas markets is discovering hidden gems and getting ideas for special gifts for friends and family members. There’s usually a huge variety of products on sale, with a large amount of stalls for visitors to peruse. The good news is that you can still find unique and exciting products when you shop with independent retailers online.

Shopping via your phone, tablet, or computer may not have the same festive appeal, but it can be very easy and highly convenient, particularly during these times of lockdown. What’s more, the UK’s retailers desperately need you to shop with them this Christmas. Many need sales to survive the coronavirus crisis,  

At iBeani, we’ve enjoyed attending many of the country’s most popular Christmas markets over the years, with our team proudly taking up stalls at York, Lincoln, and Harrogate markets. Fortunately, you can still purchase our fantastic tech products, including top of the range tablet accessories online at our website. Browse our products now to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

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Whilst it must be a hideous time for those people who have either lost loved ones from COVID or have watched a loved one suffer, I do feel that mental health and other illnesses will be a greater killer if we are not allowed to continue with our lives. We must take care and NOT recklessly endanger ourselves and others but the danger of putting lives on hold to any longer is far greater in my opinion. People in care homes need to see the outside world, children need to be educated and people need to take a long hard look at themselves and their behaviour to assure this happens. I absolutely applauds the work of our police force, health care professionals and all services who are confronted by this vile virus. But folks….STOP acting recklessly so that sensible, organised gatherings such as enjoying birthdays and Christmas, albeit on a small scale can still go ahead. The world needs to stop being selfish and money grabbing and we need to start supporting our local businesses and charities to enable them to continue.

I wish everyone well in these sad times. Xx


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