Can Using Your iPad or Tablet Cause Injury? (Infographic)

We recently posted about the increase in tablet RSI on our blog as one of the dangers associated with prolonged tablet or iPad use - but is using your tablet or iPad regularly also putting you at risk of other injuries?

To find out we've had the iBeani boffins go off and do some research around the increasing trends in tablet & iPad related injuries. They've put together this fancy infographic showing some of the most common iPad & tablet related injuries that occur - useful to make sure you don't fall victim to the same injuries!

iPad & Tablet Injuries Infographic:

The Most Common iPad & Tablet Related Injuries

iPad Shoulder

Closely related to iPhone neck, this is a condition where users suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to strain caused by bending the neck downwards for long periods of time. Users can easily combat this by holding their tablet at an angle or propping it up on a tablet stand.


Excessive use of the finders and thumbs (on both tablets and phones) can lead to inflammation of the tendons known as Tendonitis. There is an ongoing debate about whether this can lead to arthritis but this can be avoided by using voice commands on your device, for example Siri on the iPhone.

Computer Vision Syndrome

This is a condition, often temporary, which comes from focusing the eyes on a computer for long interrupted periods of time. The symptoms include blurred vision, redness in the eyes, eye strain, fatigue, dry eyes, double vision and even vertigo. Taking regular breaks (5 minutes of breaks every 45 minutes of tablet use) can help relieve these symptoms.


Looking at a screen before bed as been proven to cause insomnia due to high levels of blue light, which increase the chemicals in our brain that make us feel awake - exactly the same effect as sunlight in the morning. This suppresses the production of Melatonin - a hormone that is important for sleep. Insomnia can be helped by using blue-light reducing apps such as Night Shift on iPhone/iPad and Twilight on Android.

Lower Back Pain

The number of 16-24 year olds suffering from back pain has risen to 45% within a year, and almost one quarter have said they suffered it on a daily basis. Excessive usage of mobile devices with bad posture can put strain on the lower back, which can lead to discomfort and eventually regular pain.

Nerve Damage

Regularly using your thumb to type on mobile devices can lead to a condition known as "Blackberry Thumb". This repetitive strain injury (RSI) is caused through extensive use of the same fingers over long periods of time. In order to avoid this you should take regular breaks from your mobile and tablet devices and remember to stretch out those limbs and joints.

Carpel Tunnel

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome starts by making your thumb and fingers feel numb, which eventually leads to a dull ache. Holding your tablet for extended periods of time can put pressure on your wrists which can lead to nerve damage and carpal tunnel. To avoid this simply use a tablet or iPad stand.


Screens can be associated with causing eye strain which can lead to headaches. When using a screen you'll blink less and your eyes won't relax properly. This eye fatigue will eventually lead to a headache. To avoid this users can adjust the brightness of their screens and hold it around an arms length away, although a tablet stand can make this easier.

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