Best Tablet Screen Protectors: What You Need to Know

Best Tablet Screen Protectors: What You Need to Know

Tablets can be very expensive, so if you want them to last a long time and avoid any accidents then making sure they are well protected is vital. The most common accident involving tablets is dropping them or spilling liquid over them. These accidents can be very costly and leave a tablet severely damaged. Although it is possible to get tablets repaired, getting a tablet screen protector is a much cheaper way to avoid these mishaps.

As you've probably noticed there are hundreds of different tablet screen protectors available online. They all have different features and technology but some are far superior than others. Before you go and buy a tablet screen protector here are a few tips on what you should consider and lookout for.

Double Check Your Tablet Size

Depending which tablet you have will determine which tablet screen protector you can use with it. If you have an iPad then there are currently 3 different sizes.

Here’s the important part:

There are 2 iPad Pros available, one is 12.9 inches while the other is 9.7 inches. The most common size for a tablet is 9.7 inch, but recently many manufacturers have started to introduce smaller “mini” versions. The mini versions such as the iPad mini are 7.9 inches diagonal making them slightly smaller than the standard size.

If you have an Android tablet then chances are you will most likely have a 9.7 inch tablet, but be sure to check your model and specifications before. The last thing you want is to buy the wrong size screen protector!

Features of Tablet Screen Protectors

Believe it or not tablet screen protectors can be more than just a piece of plastic! Take the ZAGG InvisibleShield for example, although it is more of a premium protector it has a lot more features than a normal screen protector. The protector itself comes with a lifetime warranty and is made out of military grade components. This definitely makes it stand out from the rest of the competition!

The protector also has nano-memory technology that helps repair any scratches, you won't find technology like this on any other screen protector!

Price and Value

Prices for screen protectors can vary depending on their size and features. Basic screen protectors can be fairly cheap, but don’t expect them to last forever or to be as good. More expensive screen protectors are usually higher quality and last a lot longer.

The two options are:

Keep buying cheap screen protectors that can be regularly replaced over time or buy a high quality screen protector that will last a long time. Buying an expensive screen protector might seem like a bad idea but it also means you don't have to keep installing them. If you’ve installed a screen protector on a tablet before then you will be away of the dreaded bubbles.

They can take a while to crease them all out but they do eventually disappear. With a high quality screen protector you can expect to get at least a year of use out of one. This means there is no need to keep applying them and getting the dreaded bubbles.

Now you know what to look out for when buying a protector, here are the best tablet screen protectors you can get for your tablet.

ZAGG InvisibleShield (link)

ZAGG InvisibleShield iPad tablet screen protector

Considered the market leaders in tablet screen protectors, ZAGG produces a range of InvisibleShields for tablets and phones. As briefly mentioned earlier all their screen protectors come with a lifetime warranty, if your screen protector ever gets worn or damaged ZAGG will replace it for free.

Of course that's unlikely to happen anyway since the protector is made out of military grade components that were originally designed to protect military helicopter blades!

But that’s not all:

The screen protector also has self-healing technology! The protector is made from nano-memory technology with smart molecules that heal any scratches on the surface. Talk about futuristic technology. ZAGG are also the market leaders in the industry and have sold over 120 million InvisibleShields since launch.

The InvisibleShield is available for all popular tablets including the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and Samsung devices including the Galaxy Note 7 and S7. To find out more about the awesome InvisibleShield be sure to visit their website for more information.

Moshi iVisor (link)

moshi iVisor XT Samsung Screen Protector

If the ZAGG InvisibleShield sounds too expensive for you then you might prefer the Moshi iVisor. This new generation of screen protection includes an anti-glare feature and has been surface-treated to provide enhanced scratch protection and reduces smudges from greasy fingers.

The unique installation process allows you to install the screen protector on any tablet in a matter of seconds without any bubbles!

A great feature about this tablet screen protector is the fact that it can actually be removed and reapplied repeatedly. Most other screen protectors are one use only due to the way they stick to the tablet. But the iVisor allows you to remove it as many times as you want. This is perfect for if you want to clean your tablet or get rid of any pesky bubbles.

Available for all the popular tablets including the Apple, Samsung and Kindle range there is a screen protector for just about any device. If you need a high quality removable screen protector then this is the tablet screen protector for you.

Ultimate Shield (link)

Ultimate Shield iPad Screen Protector

The Ultimate Shield might sound like a bold claim but it really does live up to its name. The Ultimate Shield offers full body protection for your tablet, giving you that extra piece of mind before handing it over to your kids.

The full body shield is applied to the front and the back of the tablet, offering the best choice for maximum scratch protection. The ultra-thin and clear screen protector applies directly onto the tablet without altering the look or feel in anyway, at just 0.2mm thick it’s like it’s invisible!

Similar to the ZAGG InvisibleShield all Ultimate Shields come with a 60 day warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If your shield gets damaged within the first 60 days or you decide it’s not for you then they will refund you in full or replace the damaged protector.

If tablet cases are too heavy and annoying for you then this is the next best thing. Tablet cases might offer great protection but the amount of weight they add to the tablet can make your arms ache. The Ultimate Shield basically offers the same protection without you even noticing it’s there.

Available for a range of popular tablets the Ultimate Shield is a good alternative to just a normal screen protector as it offers full tablet protection.

Protect Yourself From Accidents

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