Best Tablet Battery Packs

Best Tablet Battery Packs

If you spend a lot of time traveling away from home and like to use your tablet and phone regularly then you should probably consider getting a battery pack. Can you remember the last time you were out and about and realised your tablet was going to run out of battery? Battery packs, also known as power packs are a great way to carry an extra charge with you just in case you need it for emergencies.

They have become very popular over the last few years due to the rise in tablet and mobile phone sales. Even more so thanks to the release of Pokemon Go, many players want to spend all day catching Pokemon and you can’t do that with any battery! Find the battery pack for you by taking the following into consideration.

Features to Look Out For

Before we give you a list of the top battery packs there are a few important things to look out for before you buy one.


The capacity is the most important part of the battery pack as it determines how much power it can hold and therefore how many charges you will get from it. For example the iPad Pro has a battery of 7300 mA (milliampere hour). To put that into perspective for you a double AA battery has a mA of 2500. Battery packs come in many different capacities and the general rule is the smaller the capacity the smaller the battery pack dimensions. If you want a small battery pack to give you one charge then you’ll need to check the size of the battery in your tablet to make sure the capacity is large enough.


Another important thing to think to take note of before buying your battery pack is what type of connectors you require and how many. Most of the battery packs come with USB ports where you can just plug in your cable to your phone or tablet. Depending how many devices you want to charge simultaneously would determine how many connections you need. Small battery packs come with just 1 USB port while some of the larger ones have 4.

Charging Speed

Charging speed is an important factor when deciding which battery pack to get. There are two main things to think about, what type of connectors the pack has and how many it supports. Some battery packs can be charged with 2 plugs to boost the charging and reduce the total charge time. With the introduction of USB-C type connectors some phones can be fully charged in little as 30 minutes. It’s important to make sure the ports have a high power outage or you’ll be waiting a long time for your device to charge.

Additional Features

Some battery packs actually do more than just charge devices, some include handy extra features. The most common extra feature you’ll notice on battery packs are LED lights or flashlights which means the battery pack can also be used as a torch. If your tablet has died in the middle of the night while camping and you need to recharge it, the LED light will be lifesaver! Other features include clocks and power indicators.

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