The Top 5 iPad Accessories

With hundreds of different accessories for iPads it can be hard to find which are actually useful. Don’t worry though, we’ve done all the hard work for you and found the top 5 iPad accessories you can use on any sized iPad.

1. iBeani Tablet Stand ( - £24.99

ibeani tablet stand

Ok so we're blowing our own trumpet here a little bit, but we truly believe that the iBeani tablet stand is one of the best iPad accessories out there! For those unaware, the iBeani tablet stand is a multi purpose bean bag that is stable on any surface, at any angle leaving both hands free for the best viewing experience when watching movies or browsing on your tablet. The stand itself can also be used as a camera mount, book stand and a travel pillow.


These British handmade tablet stands are perfect for resting any sized tablet and are suitable for all iPad models including the Air and Pro. The stands themselves are machine washable and come in a variety of different patterns and textures including a special edition National Gallery print.

Each stand also comes with side pockets for easy storage of headphones, chargers and other mobile devices as well as having a handle on the top for easy carrying.



2. Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard ( - £79.99

microsoft universal keyboard

The Microsoft universal mobile keyboard is a lightweight portable keyboard that is capable of connecting to all iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The keyboard is also capable of lasting up to 6 months of use from a single charge. The keyboard itself can also be used as a stand so it's easier to view the tablet whilst typing and accommodates all tablets with a 10mm case or thinner.

A great feature of this keyboard is that it can also pair up to 3 devices with different operating systems and easily switch between them on the fly, making working on multiple devices a breeze.


3. ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass ( - £49.99

zagg invisible shield glass

The InvisibleShield Glass by ZAGG is a high quality protective cover for your tablet's screen that maintains the tablet's touchscreen sensitivity and crystal clear image quality you won’t even notice it’s there. The protective glass itself is made of 3 military grade layers including an oil-resistant coating, scratch-resistant tempered glass and premium protective screen layer. Fitting the protector itself is as easy as peeling it off and applying it to your tablet device, within seconds of installing you’ll notice the benefits of no fingerprints and annoying grease marks which can cover your view.

The manufacturer ZAGG also offers a limited lifetime warranty on the screen protector meaning if it ever gets worn or damaged they will replace it for as long as you own your device - pretty good!


4. Metallic power pack ( - £49.99

belkin power pack

The MIXT Metallic power pack by Belkin allows you to keep your devices charged no matter how far away you are from a socket, with 2 USB ports you can simultaneously charge two smartphones or tablets. The power pack is capable of holding up to 6600 mAh which is enough to charge a tablet to full power or a smartphone up to three times on a single charge. The power pack is very convenient when you don’t have access to a plug such as at festivals, whilst travelling or during power outages.

The power pack also comes with a connected equipment warranty, meaning if your device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the charger Belkin will repair or replace it up to a value of £1,500.

5. TabZoo protective cover ( -  £16.99

tabzoo cover

The TabZoo is a great tablet case for kids of all ages, not only does it protect your tablet from knocks and bumps but also is very interactive and works in conjunction with the free TabZoo MyPal App. The TabZoo comes in 5 different animal styles including Tiger, Monkey, Lion, Cat and Dog. These cases are perfect for the younger generation that regularly use tablets and are much more interesting and interactive than standard cover cases.

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