The Best Educational Games for iPad

The Best Educational Games for iPad

iPads are great for many different reasons, from watching movies to surfing the web the uses are endless. But have you ever thought how iPads can help teach your children?

In the world of tablets and mobiles, of course there is an app for that!

There are currently hundreds of educational games available on the App store. Whatever you want to learn, there’s an app for it. Spelling, Maths, the solar system, you name it; there’s an app for it. With so many different apps it can be hard to find the best ones that will teach your children the most.

Lucky for you we’ve handpicked the best educational games for the iPad so no matter what you want to learn, we’ve got you covered.

Tinycards (Apple Store)

Tinycards Educational Application

The first educational game on our list is the Tinycard app which is a very helpful for memorising anything. Yes, we mean anything!

This game uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help anyone remember new material. No matter if it’s for yourself or your children this app is perfect for everyone.

With Tinycards you can learn almost anything with delightful, animated decks. You’ll learn country capitals, words from different languages, history facts and so much more! If you don’t want to learn any of that then don’t fret, you can also create your own decks and share them with your friends. If you’d rather keep things simple then that's fine too, you can always pick from a variety of ready-made collections.

Available on the App store for free, this game is perfect for memorising anything from important exam answers to that presentation for your boss.

DragonBox Algebra (Apple Store)

DragonBox Algebra

DragonBox Algebra is a fun and enjoyable game that secretly teaches algebra to anyone who plays it. This app is perfect for giving children a head start in mathematics and algebra without them even knowing. Children as young as 5 can easily begin to grasp the fundamental processes of algebra in a straightforward and fun way.

The game is intuitive, engaging and fun which allows anyone to learn the basics of algebra at their own pace.

Available for £3.99 on the Apple App store, the DragonBox Algebra is the perfect app for anyone wanting to take their maths to the next level.

Lego Juniors Create and Cruise (Apple Store)

Lego Juniors Create and Cruise Application

Aimed at children aged 4 to 7, the Lego Juniors create and cruise app allows players to make their very own Lego vehicles and figures. With only your imagination being the limit, the app allows you to create anything you want.

Produced by the famous Lego brand themselves, the app lets you play with Lego as long as you want without any of the mess! Think of it as a digital and portable Lego play box. Wherever you are, just load up the app and you’ll have all the Lego you need at your fingertips.

Downloadable in the Apple app store for free, this Lego themed app is perfect for letting your child's imagination run wild.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (Apple Store)

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox App

If your children are cheeky little Monkeys, then they’ll love this Monkey themed learning app. Aimed at children aged 2 to 5 the app contains 7 different games that teach kids about colours, letters, shapes, sizes and counting.

The main character of the game is the Monkey mascot that helps guide you through each game. Designed for younger children, there are no confusing menus or navigation to tackle, and the games are simple to understand.

Available on the App store for a reasonable £1.49, the app currently has a 4-star rating with over 747 reviews.

Toca Kitchen Monsters (Apple Store)

Toca Kitchen Monsters Educational Game

This fun iPad app allows your children to learn about food and cooking without making a mess in the kitchen. Simply pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way by slicing, boiling or cooking it.

Toca Kitchen Monsters is more than just a game; it's an app where your kids can explore cooking and learn about different types of food. With its child-friendly interface, your kids will love playing with this app and learning about the world of food.

Available on the App Store for free the Toca Kitchen Monsters game is ideal for children of all ages.

Bitsboard (Apple Store)

Bitsboard Educational Game

Bitsboard is an educational game that contains 25 addictive mini-games all designed to improve your knowledge and learning.

The app allows you to access thousands of gorgeous flashcards ad carefully curated lessons covering hundreds of different topics.

This makes Bitsboard perfect for learning languages, mastering vocabulary, learning to read and spell. There are so many useful games and educational content it would be silly not to include this on our list.

Downloadable on the Apple app store for free, Bitsboard is full of fantastic games that will help you accelerate your learning.

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