Avoid iPad RSI and iPad Shoulder

Avoid iPad RSI and iPad Shoulder

It is possible that a new wave of technology related injuries is coming?

We all love our mobile devices and our tablet devices are fast becoming an everyday, and in some cases, a most of the day, necessity as we browse, work, game and read on them.

Researchers at the University of Washington have been studying Repetitive-Strain Injuries or RSI, linked to the use of our tablet and mobile devices. Holding a tablet for too long, over time, could result in an RSI injury, according to researchers.

Dubbed with many different names but commonly iPad RSI or iPad Shoulder and iPad Hand, doctors are reporting an increase in having to treat people with tablet related RSI. Users have complained of aches and pains in their hand they hold the device with and in the fingers of the other hand from typing/swiping/tapping.

It isn't just aches and pains either, experts are identifying problems with users posture as they try to hold there tablet at different angles to get comfy using it. Cyndi Davis, author of an ergonomics internet blog The Ergolab, has been reported to say "it is very challenging finding a comfortable body posture while using the iPad."

iBeani think they have the solution to help avoid iPad RSI or iPad shoulder with the iBeani iPad, Tablet and Kindle Cushion Bean Bag Stand. Your iBeani will rest on any surface and hold your tablet device for you at any viewing angle you desire, so whether you are laying in bed, sitting on the couch or even finishing those emails on the train, let iBeani hold your tablet for you, freeing both hands.

This way, you are not holding the device with one hand and typing with the other, iBeani holds it for you and you have both hands to type, tap or swipe, reducing the strain on one hand.

Although our technology companies out there spend millions on ergonomics and ease of use, there is still nothing out there except an iBeani that assists with avoiding the problems mentioned, as no matter how big or small, curved or straight a device is, we still have to hold it and we still have to tap it!

Let iBeani hold it for you and we may be able to help you avoid those aches and pains that iPad RSI comes with.

iBeani is a very stylish tablet cushion and suitable for everyone from kids to adults, male and female.

Get yours today and avoid iPad or Tablet RSI

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