Apple Vs Android: Which is Better?

Apple Vs Android: Which is Better?

The never ending debate over which tablet is the best has been a hot topic for many years but which is actually the best? There are a number of major differences between both tablets such as price, operating system, size and specifications but which of these features really matter? Here’s what you need to know about both tablets.


Apple has always been the centre of attention for their tablet as they were one of the first manufacturers to release a consumer tablet to the market. Since then there has been a range of different iPad tablets released over the years ranging from different sizes.

Seen as a luxury high class brand, Apple is always trying to introduce new innovative features to their tablets to make them stand out from competitors. Apple has built its brand around its sleek designs and innovative features which have become very popular with celebrities and are often used as a fashion statement.

Also famous for its iOS, Apple has won many users over with its easy to use operating system. Currently on its 10th version iOS has been around for over 9 years and has hundreds of updates and new features added over the years.


The Differences

So what are the major differences between Apple and Android tablets?

Let’s start with Androids. Android tablets are very customisable and easy to personalise compared to Apple tablets. The operating system allows you to change everything from the icons to the themes installed. Unlike Apple tablets you really have full control over your device and can install custom add-ons and themes to suit your needs.

Another good feature of Androids is the fact that the software is used on many different tablets by many different manufacturers which gives you more choice. Apple only produce a certain number of tablets with their operating system installed. If you don’t like the size or design of the table then you’re out of luck. Luckily for Android users you can choose between tens of different tablets and find the one that suits you the most.

Finally almost all Android tablets come with the ability to increase the storage by using an expandable microSD card. This means if you ever run out of built in space you can easily get more by buying a microSD card and inserting it into your tablet. If 32GB isn’t enough then simply buy a 64GB microSD card and you’ll have plenty of room! Currently Apple tablets don’t have this feature so it's a clear win for Android for this battle.

So now we’ve looked at a few of the advantages of Androids let's take a look at Apple tablets.

The first major benefit of owning an Apple tablet is the support that comes with it. All Apple tablets have the option to buy AppleCare with them that is like an insurance policy for your device. If it is broken or damaged then you can simply take it to your local Apple store to get it fixed or replaced. Unfortunately for Android users support isn't as widely available and requires more knowledge to use one. Of course there is online support and help but if you’re a first time tablet owner it might be better getting an Apple tablet.

In addition to the great support, the operating system and software is a lot easier to use compared to Android. Although it has less customisability and options it also means it is less complicated and things are more straightforward to use. If you enjoy simplicity is your thing then Apple and its iOS is probably more for you.

Updates for iOS are instantly available as the software is updated regularly. Unlike Android devices where you sometimes have to wait several weeks for the latest updates to become available. All Apple devices can be updated as soon as it’s released from Apple.

The iOS software also works great with other Apple devices so if you have an iPhone or iMac you’ll easily be able connect the two together and share things such as pictures and documents. If you already own other Apple products then it’s probably best to stick with Apple as integrating an iPad with an iMac is much easier.

So Which is Better?

Before you decide which is better you need to think what you want your tablet to do. If you’re looking for an easy to use tablet and you’re a first time buyer then you’ll probably want to get an Apple tablet. The ease of use of the software and the support from Apple stores means you’ll never be stuck and if you do happen to accidentally damage it then it can be easily repaired or replaced.

If you’re fairly experienced with tablets or looking for a great value tablet and want the ultimate customisability then you’ll want to look at Android's. Although they might not be as flash and fancy as Apple tablets they still have all the same features and specifications. Ultimately the choice between which one you pick is down to you, but remember that both tablets have their positives and negatives.

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