Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Goes Trendy With Colour

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Goes Trendy With Colour

Amazon's own developed Kindle Paperwhite range has just had a makeover, and we must say, they look great! The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has just got trendy with a touch of colour and now available in Sage, Plum, Twilight Blue, as well as the orginal Black.

So what is the Kindle Paperwhite?

Paperwhite is the mid range kindle product from Amazon, sitting between the Kindle and the Kindle Oasis, with prices ranging from £119.99 to £219.99, depending on whether you go for an 8GB version, 32GB or a 32GB with 4G capabilities, with or without special offers.

The Paperwhite by Amazon boasts a 6" Glare-free screen with 300ppi resolution, compared to the 167ppi of the cheaper sibling, Amazon Kindle. It features a flush front design with more front light LEDs, weeks of battery life and is now waterproof.

With access to thousands of books in one place, the Kindle Paperwhite by amazon is a great investment for those that love reading books or indeed listening to books. Yes, listening to books.. the paperwhite model of kindle has the audible book feature, so you can switch seamlessly from reading to listening.

Kindle with or without special offers?

After deciding how much storage you require, 4g or not and which colour you like, you will also need to know whether you would like your kindle with or without special offers. To put it simply, you can pay slightly less and receive advertisements on your device (special offers) or pay a little more for it and get it without special offers. Make sure your desired options are selected correctly before confirming your purchase. :)

The Amazon Kindle is a great piece of tech and the added selection of subtle colour puts a little more character into your reading.

You can find out much more or buy Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon

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