5 of the hottest eBooks right now

5 of the hottest eBooks right now

Are you looking for a great eBook to read on your tablet or kindle? If so, read on. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest books available to download on your device right now. Whether you enjoy gripping thrillers or you prefer non-fiction, there’s a book out there for you. Here are the top five most popular eBooks.

Utopia Avenue – David Mitchell

The Sunday Times called rock n’ roll novel Utopia Avenue ‘a stand-out triumph’ whilst the Independent called its author, David Mitchell, ‘one of the most brilliantly inventive writers of this, or any other country’. The book tells the story of British brand Utopia Avenue. Formed in 1967 in London’s psychedelic scene, the three-piece built a musical legacy for themselves during turbulent times of riots in the streets and whilst facing a variety of personal battles, from drugs to sexuality.

Fifty-Fifty – Steve Cavanagh

Fifty-Fifty is picking up acclaim in abundance. It has become the number one eBook bestseller, the Sunday Times bestseller and even the Richard and Judy Book Club pick. The book tells the story of two sisters on trial for murder. They accuse each other of the crime and it’s up to the reader to work out who is guilty. Fifty-Fifty is a tale of sibling rivalry that goes to extremes!

My Sister, the Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite

Described by the New York Times as ‘a bombshell of a book... Sharp, explosive, hilarious', My Sister, the Serial Killer is all of those things and more. In this Nigeria-set story, Korede has to deal with her sister’s frequent murders, faithfully attending with rubber gloves and bleach every time she dispatches of a recent boyfriend. Korede loves Ayoola and won’t expose her crimes to the police. But what happens when her sister starts dating the man she has long been in love with? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Essays – George Orwell

Originally published in 2000, this new edition of George Orwell’s ‘Essays’ has become one of Amazon’s bestselling eBooks. Essays showcases the work of one of the century’s greatest writers – a man was responsible for turning political writing into an art form. This collection combines Orwell's longer essays with shorter pieces, including ‘Decline of the English Murder’, 'My Country Right or Left', and ‘Shooting an Elephant.

The Cipher - Isabella Maldonado

Riding high in Amazon’s eBook charts, The Cipher is a crime thriller than leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat. FBI Special Agent Nina Guerrera was abducted and attacked at the age of 16 only to escape her assailant’s clutches. When she’s attacked again years later, a video of the incident finds its way onto social media, showcasing her impressive fighting skills to the world. Her attacker from her past happens to see the clip, and guess what? He wants to reclaim his ‘one that got away’. A tangled game of cat and mouse ensues, leaving readers thrilled and terrified in equal measure.

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