5 of The Best Apps for Christmas Shopping

5 of The Best Apps for Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be incredibly challenging, particularly if you have a large family! Not only do you need to conjure up great gift ideas, but you need to find the best deals and stick within your budget. After all, if you pay too much for presents, you’ll spend the rest of the year paying for it – literally! Fortunately, there are several great apps for Christmas shopping which make the task so much easier and less stressful. Grab your smartphone or tablet and download these apps…

Santa’s Bag

Christmas shopping is a piece of cake with this neat app from Apple. Recommended by The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes Magazine, and an array of other leading publications, it’s well worth a try if you’re looking to become better organised at Christmas. Santa’s Bag has tools for tracking present ideas, allocating gifts, budgeting, and shopping ‘to-do’ lists. The app has been expertly designed to make sure you don’t forget anyone or leave your Christmas shopping too late!


Elfster has fast become the best-loved free Secret Santa app on the market. Available on iOS and Android, this app makes creating and organising a Secret Santa event easier than ever. Participants can set a gift budget and even offer gift suggestions via the app’s in-built wish list feature.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown can help you get super organised for the big day, helping you get a handle on your time. This iOS app may be simple, but it can be incredibly useful as Christmas draws closer. The days can seem to evaporate before your eyes in the run-up to Christmas, but this app will keep you on track with a fun snowy countdown. With various festive themes and Classic Christmas music, it’s a must-have app for the holiday season.

The Christmas List

The Christmas List app lets you keep track of gifts, recipients, and budgets, getting you in full-on organisational mode. One of the most popular and reviewed Christmas apps, it’s perfect for anyone looking to get serious about their shopping. Cool features include being able to add people straight from your contact list, track budgets per person, and sync gift lists via email, Twitter, or Evernote. You can mark gifts as purchased when you buy them and then mark them as wrapped once you get around to wrapping them!


Giftry may be a gift registry app for all kinds of occasions, but it can be incredibly useful around Christmastime. You can use it to exchange gift wish lists with your family and friends, helping you to select gifts that they actually want! With Gifty, you won’t need to worry about buying your mother in law a new cardigan when what she really wants is a tablet cushion from iBeani! Users can add gifts to their wishlist from any store instantly and share their lists easily. What’s great is that gifts can be marked as purchased to avoid them being bought twice.

More and more people are taking their Christmas shopping to their smartphones and tablets, with a range of apps helping them to buy gifts online and keep track of purchases. These Christmas shopping apps will help keep you organised and on track during the holiday season.  

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