Social Media Roundup for July

Friday, 29 July 2016  |  Admin

If you didn’t know already we have social media accounts on all the popular websites such as Twitter and Facebook to keep you up to date on the latest news in the iBeani world. We also like to share useful tips and tricks on how to use your iBeani, any new tablet news and weekly lists of the best apps for your device.

We have recently started several social media days on Twitter and Facebook which involves tweeting a recommendation about movies, travel locations, apps and recipes.

Here’s a look at the best ones from the past month.


Every monday is movie monday were we post a recommended movie that you just must watch! Our favourite post this month definitely had to be Finding Nemo to celebrate the release of the new Disney film Finding Dory! Out in cinemas now Finding Dory is the sequel to the classic Finding Nemo which focuses on the life of Dory after meeting Nemo. Be sure to look to watch out for our other fantastic movie recommendations in the future.


Be sure to watch out for our travel Tuesday every week on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Every Tuesday we’ll be posting something related to travelling such as the best destinations to visit, the best travel apps and the best travel accessories.

This months favourite is a Tweet that links to a great article showing all the best travel apps available on your tablet and mobile phone. Be sure to have a read through if you’re interested in finding some great travels apps there’s definitely some hidden gems in there.


Every Wednesday we post a recommended free app on our social media pages. If you happened to miss this one then be sure to give it a try. Evernote is a great app for taking notes, making presentations and saving these important files on the cloud server. Every note saved in Evernote is available to access on any other device such as your laptop or mobile phone.

If you’re studying for exams or looking for a handy app to organise and take notes then this is the one!


To get you in that Friday feeling we’ve started posting a delicious recipe for you to follow every Friday. Our favourite one this month was the risotto-stuffed tomatoes recipe. 

There you have our social media roundup for July! Be sure to look out for next month's round up when we’ll be highlighting all of our top posts from August.

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