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Daewoo Bluetooth Headphones Microphone QI Wireless Charging Pad 300mAh Battery 4h Life Side Control Panels

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Daewoo Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Microphone and QI Wireless Charging Pad Included, Wide Variety of Compatible Devices, Phone, PC, Console, 300mAh Battery 4 Hour Life, Side Control Panels

Utilising cutting edge wireless technology, the Daewoo True-Wireless Headphones allow you to say goodbye to cumbersome cables and feel complete freedom. With the QI charging pad you can charge your headphones and mobile phone at a touch anytime and anywhere. Our wireless headphones seemlessly connect to a variety of bluetooth devices within a 10 meter range. With a powerful 300mAh battery, achieve full charge in 2 hours for 4 hours of usage time. Using the control panel on the side of the headphones, take and end calls, skip tracks and adjust volume remotely.

  • QI WIRELESS CHARGING- Daewoo Electricals brings you our fully wire free over-ear headphone set which includes a QI wireless charging pad compatible with any QI enabled device.
  • SEEMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION- Connect to any compatible bluetooth device within 10 meters for a crisp and undesturbed sound.
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY- With a powerful built-in 3-00mAh battery which reaches full charge in 2 hours, you can expect up to 4 hours continous play time from a single charge.
  • ACCESSIBLE AND VERSITILE- Our Wireless Bluetooth Headset includes a built-in microphone and easy-to-use side control panel to optimise use with a phone. Anwser incoming calls, adjust volume and skip tracks all using the headset without the need of taking out your phone.
  • STYLISH AND STREAMLINED DESIGN- The soft and comfortable leather headband and earcuffs ensure ease of use and the adjustable and foldable design allows for safe transportation and storage.


Using the inductive wireless charging pad with enabled wireless power transfer features up 1.6inch you can charge any QI compatible device using resonant inductive coupling. The brand new technology to change the portable device world.


The soft and comfortable leather headband and earcuffs ensure ease of use and the adjustable and foldable design allows for safe transportation and storage.


Simply charge the headphones using the QI Wireless pad provided and enjoy music and hands-free calls for up to 2.5 hours.

Connect to any Bluetooth enabled device within 10 meters.

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