Bed Pocket Organiser

Keep all of your favourite things close by with our uniquely designed bed pocket organiser!

The iBeani bed pocket organiser is perfect for storing your favourite things whether it’s reading glasses, books, mobile, tablet, TV remote or magazines, everything will be within easy reach. And if you are short on space and don’t have room for a nightstand, this amazing item is a great alternative; you can charge your phone overnight, safely store your glasses, books and other favourite items! 

Quality, durable bed pocket organiser by iBeani 

‘Excellent’, ‘practical’, ‘handy’ and ‘sturdy’ are just a few of the great benefits of our bed pocket organiser. And don't just take our word for it, take a look at the amazing reviews left by customers on our dedicated product page

The iBeani bed pocket organiser is made of durable, slate grey felt and it is suitable for all beds and couches. The felt flat is extremely secure and it fits perfectly under your mattress or around your bed frame, making it the perfect bedside pocket to store all of your essentials. 

It has varying pocket sizes, saves plenty of space and most importantly keeps your items and bedroom organised and tidy. 

Perfect bed pocket organiser for your little ones 

Your children will love it too! They can now keep their favourite books and toys to the side of their beds. The iBeani bed pocket organiser is easily attached to the side of their beds and gives quick access to your little ones’ favourite items whenever they need them. 

Choose the bed pocket organiser by iBeani 

If you’ve been in the search for a quality, durable and spacious bed pocket organiser, look no further! The bed pocket organiser by iBeani is exactly what you need and more! Click the link to our product page for full information and specifications and get yours today!