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iPad Stand For The Beds

ipad stand for bed

Buy The Best iPad Stand For Bed Today!

Why is the iBeani the best iPad stand to use in bed?

Ever wanted to just lie down in bed and watch a movie on your iPad? Well now you can with the iBeani iPad & tablet stand! iBeani is a fully adjustable & universal iPad and tablet stand which holds your device perfectly stable on any surface. No more sore arms holding up your iPad in bed or dropping it on your face as you try to watch it.

  • The unique bean bag filling of the iBeani means it contours to any surface shape and provides a stable resting place for your iPad.
  • iBeani is compatible with all iPad models, including the iPad pro, so you can be certain that it will work with your device.
  • We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee as standard.
  • All iBeani products are hand made in the UK using locally sourced materials and fabrics to ensure the highest quality product.

Use It In Any Location

multifunctional ipad stand

iBeani is truly the most versatile iPad stand around. Not only is it a great iPad stand for using in bed but you can also use it in the kitchen, on the sofa, in the car - anywhere you can imagine! It's multifunctional too and doubles up as a great book holder, camera mount or travel pillow.

Don't just take our word for how good the iBeani is - head over to our reviews page and see what our customers have to say.


iBeani In The News

iBeani is taking the iPad stand world by storm since it's launch. We've been featured in several major news & technology publications, including some of the big name national newspapers here in the UK.


Here's just some of the news publications we've featured in:

ibeani best ipad stand featured in

How To Buy The Best iPad Stand For Bed

Fed up of sore arms when holding your iPad in bed (or a sore face when you drop it!)? You can buy the iBeani in our online store or through any of our 3rd party retailers which you can find here. You will also find a selection of our most popular iBeani designs below. Wondering what makes iBeani the best iPad stand or need an iPad stand for the kitchen? We've got you covered: