Why you Shouldn't Use a Homemade Tablet Stand

Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Admin

Tablet stands can sometimes be expensive and the thought of making your own alternative can be very appealing. But be warned, homemade tablet stands aren’t as good or easy to make as you think. So before you go off and start gathering your materials and tools here's a few reasons why you shouldn't use a homemade tablet stand.

Homemade Tablet Stands Are Not Good Quality

The first reason why you shouldn’t use a homemade tablet stand is the quality of the materials used are often subpar and can fall to bits within days. Homemade tablet stands usually don’t last very long and you’ll have to go through all that effort of making another one much sooner than you think. If you're simply thinking of using higher quality materials instead then these can often be expensive and cost the same as premade tablet stands. Some of the materials used can also cause damage to your tablet such as scratching the screen and sides which obviously you don't want to happen. Some materials are also not suitable for outside use and can actually melt in the summer sun.

Prone to Accidents

 Broken Tablet from Homemade Tablet Stand

Due to the quality of homemade tablet stands being so low, there have been a number of reported accidents when using them. There have been plenty of examples when a homemade tablet stand has caused damage to a tablet after breaking and knocking the tablet over. The problem with homemade tablet stands is that they are not the steadiest devices. Most of the time just a simple knock can send your tablet tumbling to the ground causing lots of damage. Proper stands like iBeani are designed to stay steady on any surface which are a lot safer. You’ve spent a lot of money on getting that new tablet so don’t risk it with a cheap homemade tablet stand!

Design Flaws

 Tablet resting on a cat

Homemade tablet stands can be very unique to the individual persons tablet and environment. Some of these homemade tablet stands often have huge design flaws that only become apparent after they have been made. Usually a lot of thought doesn't go into the design of homemade tablet stands before making them, which can cause problems later on. Some tablet stands look like a great idea until they are actually built and it turns out the tablet is too heavy and the stand can’t hold the weight. Companies spend thousands of pounds researching and developing the materials and design of the stand before they are released. So why bother doing it all again for yourself if they’ve already done it? Don't reinvent the wheel!

Costly (Time & Money)

 Money Clock

After planning out the costs of all the materials involved for your homemade tablet stand, the overall cost can become expensive very quickly. If you also think of the amount of time you have to invest in the project it can start to become very time consuming. There are usually a lot of other more important things you could be doing with your time instead. Like a lot of people say, time is money! 

Doesn't look Professional

 business meeting

With first impressions being very important especially in business environments, would you take a homemade tablet stand to an interview or use it in the office? Most likely the answer to that is no as it wouldn’t look very professional and would probably be embarrassing. Do you think Apple designed their iPad for people to place them in metal coat hangers? Would you take a homemade tablet stand to work to use in front of your boss and colleagues? We hope you agree that answer would be no for both of those questions. Making sure you have a good quality professional tablet stand is important as it can say a lot about yourself and leaves a good impression.

So as you can see from our list above there are many reasons why you shouldn’t use a homemade tablet stand. Most of the time they are of poor quality and design which can risk damaging your expensive tablet. Although it may seem cheaper to build your own tablet stand, after adding up the cost of the materials it can often cost more than a premade one. If you’re looking for a high quality multi-purpose tablet stand then be sure to check out our wide range of iBeani stands below.

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