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Monday, 25 July 2016  |  Admin

The iBeani is a fantastic tablet stand that can hold any type of tablet including the popular iPads and Androids. But did you know that the iBeani is multifunctional and can actually be used for loads of other uses? The limit is your imagination! Here’s just a few idea of what you can use your iBeani for.

Book Stand

using ibeani as book holder

Reading books on your tablet can be a lot more convenient with the ability to store thousands of books on there. But sometimes nothing beats reading from a good old fashioned book. The good news is you can use your iBeani to hold your book as well as your tablet!

Holding heavy books for a long period of time can have the same effect on your arms and wrists as holding a heavy tablet. By letting the iBeani do all the work and hold your book for you not only does it give you more freedom to turn the pages but also helps stop RSI injuries.

You could also use it in the kitchen while preparing a meal or baking a cake. The iBeani can simply hold your cooking book or tablet to make it easier to read the instructions while making it.

Eating Food Whilst Watching TV or Movies

ibeani hands free

The great thing about the iBeani is its ability to securely and safely hold your tablet on any surface no matter how uneven it is. Thanks to its unique design the iBeani also allows you use both hands while using your tablet giving you the ultimate experience.

This is great if you fancy watching TV or a movie whilst eating, no longer are you confined to the dinner table. Simply place your iBeani anywhere that’s comfortable enough to view and enjoy your meal knowing your tablet is secure and won’t fall over while you’re eating.

Travel Pillow

If you spend a lot of time travelling then the iBeani is perfect for you! Not only can you use your iBeani whilst travelling on a plane, taxi or train but the iBeani also has another fantastic use. If you’ve already watched 5 episodes of House of Cards and can't stand another episode then maybe it’s time to take a nap.

Thanks to the iBeani’s soft and squishy design it can be used as a comfortable and portable travel pillow! That’s one more thing you won't have to pack for your journey.

Picture Stand

When your iBeani stand is not being used you might be wondering what to do with it. Well a good use for your iBeani is to use it as a portable picture stand.

Whether you use a traditional picture that you don't have room for on your wall or you fancy a more modern approach with your tablet the iBeani can hold either. If your tablet needs charging then placing it on the iBeani while it’s charging allows you to leave the photo screensaver on. Not only is your tablet held securely while it's charging but also displays a collection of pictures from your tablet.

Phone stand

ibeani as phone stand

Due to the size of the iBeani many people think it’s just limited to holding tablets such as iPads and Androids. But in fact another good use for the iBeani is to hold your mobile phone as well. Thanks to the iBeanis holding mechanism it is capable of holding every type of tablet and phone, in reality the iBeani can hold almost everything the limit is your imagination!

Toys for Young Kids

If you have young children then the iBeani can also double up as a playful toy. The soft and squishiness of the iBeani means it can be thrown around as a big ball or even squeezed to death by your little one. No matter what kids throw at it the durable iBeani will be able to handle it. If you happened to have any accidents or spills then the iBeani can easily be washed by removing the outer cover and putting in the washing machine. 

Now you’ve had just a glimpse of all the functions an iBeani is capable of, the rest is up to you to discover! We have a wide range of colourful and unique iBeanis available on our online website with enough styles to please everyone. Be sure to visit our online store below to get your iBeani today!

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