Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Lenovo have recently launched two new Android Tablets in to the market place; the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 and the Yoga Tablet 8. 

Whilst most of the competition are trying to get the slimmest tablet out there, Lenovo have taken a bold move in their design, giving the ultra slim body a very strange looking bulge at the bottom . . .


This may seem like a very odd thing to do, but it certainly does create a bold new look in the Android Tablet market, which sets it apart from its rivals and we have to say, it’s a look that does grow on you.

You may be forgiven for thinking that this new design is all about aesthetics; it’s not. The cylindrical tube does hold a very impressive battery that is claimed to outlast its rivals by days!

The bar also houses a pair of Dolby Digital Plus DS1 speakers, a large power button that glows to let you know when the battery is running low; and then we come to the feature that we are most interested in . . . a metal fold out kick stand.

We were keen to find get our hands on one to try out the stand and see exactly how effective it was?

As the stand is metal it certainly does have that sturdy feel to it. Flip it out and it does let you position the screen at anything between about 40 and 80 degrees, although we did find that too much pressure on the screen when tapping can easily knock it over. Also, try any angle less than 40 degrees and it does tend to topple over!

A further down side is that it really does need to be used on a desk or similar flat, sturdy surface or it just won’t balance. Try to use it on your knee or the arm of the sofa and it’s totally unstable.

In a nutshell, whilst the Lenovo Yoga Tablet might be a great buy for you; it certainly does look a quirky and stylish piece of kit, but the stand is no match for the original iBeani™ Android Tablet stand that really does let you put the screen at any angle, on virtually any uneven surface.


iBeani is a simple, stylish and fun iPad or Tablet Computer stand that is great to use at work or at home. The ultra stylish faux leather iBeani looks really classy on the office desk and yet fits in perfectly as part of the furniture at home. No more tidying away as it will look great just left lying around ready to be picked up and thrown on to your knee. Type with two hands or browse the web whilst relaxing with a drink . . . Your iBeani will be holding the screen just where you want it.


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