The Best Christmas Adverts of 2016

Tuesday, 29 November 2016  |  Admin

It’s almost the start of December and to get you in the Christmas mood we’re looking at the best Christmas adverts that have been released this year. From John Lewis to Marks and Spencer’s, we’ve got all the Christmas holiday adverts covered.

Sainsbury’s - The Greatest Gift

This happy sing-along musical advert featuring James Corden tells the story of a very busy man and his quest to get the greatest gift for his family. At over 3 minutes long it’s by far one of the longest Christmas adverts this year, and it’s clear a lot of time and money went into making it. The end result? A feel good advert that you’ll have trouble not singing along too.

Aldi - Kevin the Carrot

The first advert on our list is all about a little carrot called Kevin. This advert follows the story of an adventurous carrot who decides he wants to mean Santa Claus face to face. After a short and eventful journey, he finally gets to meet the man himself, but not in the way he’d expect. This cheerful advert has a happy ending which will leave you smiling with joy and remembering what Christmas is all about… waiting for Santa to deliver those presents!

M&S - Christmas with Love from Mrs Claus

This long advert that comes in at a whopping 3 minutes long really stands out from the rest this year. Who said Mr Claus had all the fun on Christmas Eve? What about Mrs Claus? Well this ad tackles that very question. Based on a story about a young boy called Jake who writes to Mrs Claus asking for her help, Mrs Claus goes out of her way to ensure he gets his Christmas gift. Overall, it’s a nicely made advert that focuses on Christmas values and sharing with one another.

Waitrose - Home for Christmas

To stand out from the rest of the Christmas adverts, Waitrose has gone for a different approach this year. Following the story of a Robin and his epic long journey home for Christmas the ad is calming and gets the message across in a very unique way. In fact, there’s not a single word spoken in the entire advert, they simply let the visuals do the talking. For those that don’t get the message then it’s simple, be with your loved ones this Christmas.

Tesco - Bring It On

This genius advert is secretly saying what we’re all thinking.

The advert follows the thoughts of a customer walking around Tesco when they suddenly realise that Christmas is just around the corner. Thinking of all the items she’ll need to buy, instead of worrying she just says “bring it on!” For a supermarket like Tesco we were probably expecting something a bit more over the top, but they seem to have kept to a no thrills advert this year. Overall, we still think it’s a nicely thought out advert and gets everyone in the mood for Christmas.

John Lewis - Buster the Boxer

This year John Lewis is back with another multi-million pound Christmas advert. Costing over £7 million pounds to make, this advert has had plenty of hours and money put into making it. Known for its previous highly successful Christmas adverts John Lewis had a lot of pressure to beat its older adverts.

Based on a little girl who can’t stop jumping on her bed, her parents decide to buy her a trampoline for Christmas. Much to their amazement the next morning, after watching wildlife animals play on the trampoline all night their dog decides he wants a turn! Beating the little girl to her trampoline, her family look on in amazement as the dog has the time of his life.

Morrisons - Morrisons Makes It

This clever Christmas advert by Morrisons stars a young boy who has clearly been practising his general knowledge for an important reason. The advert cleverly links in Christmas related answers as the boy answers the questions. From 8 reindeers to the capital of Belgium (Brussels) the boy has spent the last year memorising the answers. The big reveal comes at the end when he’s ready to challenge his grandad as the trivial pursuit master.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know which is your favourite Christmas advert this year.

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