Internet Bloggers Get Their Hands on an iBeani: See What They Have to Say

Thursday, 30 June 2016  |  Admin

We gave five internet bloggers the chance to get their hands on an iBeani and see what they thought about our universal tablet and iPad stand. We've listed the highlights of their iBeani experiences here - be sure to visit their blogs to read a full review.

“I think iBeani is a must have for any tablet owner” -

ibeani lime green ipad stand is a tech blog that specialises in bringing you the latest tech news and gadget reviews. Even though they are called MacSources their reviews are not just limited to mac only devices and gadgets. They review a wide range of universal tech from gaming headphones, laptop cooling pads and even drones.

MacSources said the iBeani was perfect for using in bed as other tablet stands have trouble staying in place. This is due to the unique feature of the iBeani, due to its shape and style the iBeani can be used on any surface. Including awkward places such as on your lap or knees whilst in bed. Giving you the ability to hold your tablet in even the most uneven surfaces.


“Simply pop the tablet onto the iBeani and adjust to get the right angle you require and voila!” -


Founded back in 2010, started off as a review website but since has turned in to much more. The website now gives you all the latest reviews, news and trailers for upcoming films. Let’s see what they had to say about the iBeani!

The first thing they noticed is that the iBeani is capable of holding many different tablets thanks to its universal holder. This means it doesn't matter if you have an iPad, Android or any other tablet the iBeani will hold them all!

They also liked the little side pouch the iBeani comes with which is perfect for storing your reading glasses or mobile phone when using your tablet. The pocket is also handy if you are planning on carrying it around. The pocket can be used to carry any additional gear including food and snacks if you plan on using your tablet at a picnic.


“A tablet stand you can snuggle” -

geeknative ipad stand is a blog for gamers, role-players and anyone who enjoys geeky things. The website covers a wide range of reviews for books, games, movies and music. choose our skull and cross bones pirate themed iBeani that definitely stands out. Picking up on similar points mentioned before they praised it for its universal tablet holder and the hoop on the top that makes it easy to pick up. They also noted the hoop can be used to hook the iBeani onto a door to keep it away from pets, which is a good idea!

Another thing they noted was the fact that you didn't need to remove your tablet from its case in order to use the stand. A lot of other tablet stands require you to remove the case beforehand. Not only is this fiddly and inconvenient but if the stand falls over then there’s no protection on your tablet. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!


“The iBeani makes it easy to watch from any angle” - RainbowsAreTooBeautiful

ibeani ipad stand model

RainbowsAreTooBeautiful is a blog by Ann, a full time mum who shares stories, ideas and experiences of life with her autistic and neurotypical kids.

Ann wrote a great review of the iBeani and how she has used it with her children in day to day life. She noted that her family are heavy tablet users and own a whole collection of them at home. She mainly uses them for streaming kids TV, watching sports events, doing the online shopping and jigsaw puzzles.

One of the things she noticed about the iBeani was that one of her sons David enjoyed the feel and design of the iBeani. He spent a lot of time pushing the beads and throwing it around as he enjoys pressure and feeling things. Ann also commented on how well the iBeani stands up on its own and how safe it feels when putting a tablet on it. 


“Easy to clean and come with a carry loop and storage pocket which is great for chargers, earphones, phones and keys.” - is a review website run by Tracy Kiss herself, a mother to two young children. She posts many reviews on her website for a wide range of products for herself and children. Here’s what she had to say about the iBeani.

The first thing Tracy noted was how sturdy and steady the iBeani was, previously she has had many cracked screens on tablets and devices. To try and solve her problem she purchased expensive screen protectors and took out insurance on all of her devices.

Tracy got the lime green version of the iBeani which is made from 100% polyester and is super easy to clean. She also liked the concept of the iBeani being multifunctional and can be used as a pillow, leg rest and neck prop to reduce the stress on joints whilst using tablets.

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