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With hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of games available on the app store it can be hard filtering out the good ones. Which ones are fun and worth your time? The good news is we know a thing or two when it comes to games and we’ve sifted through all of them to find the best iPad games currently available. Here are the best iPad games you can download today.

      1. Faster Than Light (Link)

Kicking off our best iPad games list is faster than light, this popular PC game has recently been brought to the iPad due to popular demand. The top down real time strategy game is set in space and allows you to manage your ship, crew, weapons and power. Your mission is to pilot your ship around the vast galaxies while being chased by intergalactic rebels.

Thanks to the randomly generated galaxy the game is infinitely repayable meaning you can have endless hours of fun playing with different ships, layouts and weapons. There are 10 shops to unlock, each with three different layouts and weapons that demand you play differently. The best thing about the game is there is no “right” way to finish it as there are hundreds of ways to solve the problem.

      2. Limbo (Link)

Similar to fast than light, Limbo has already been available on PC for a while but like many successful games has found its way to the iPad. This black and white puzzle platformer is considered a new generation of platformer games.

With no text, dialogue or explanations it manages to grip players into wanting to understand more

As the player you control a young boy that has just woken up in a forest in the middle of nowhere. With no information about your identity or past you set out to explore the bizarre environment. As spooky and dangerous things start to happen you understand you have to get out of there as soon as possible. With no cut scenes or loading screens the game is a smooth and exciting play from beginning to end.

      3. Don't Starve (Link)

Continuing with our list of the best iPad games, Don’t Starve has definitely earned it's place on our list. This dark, mysterious game is guaranteed to drag you in with its great visuals and gripping storyline.

Throughout the game you play as Wilson, a German scientist who has been trapped by demon and transported to a new dark and mysterious world. In this new world you must learn how to survive by gathering resources to craft items and structures that will help you last in the harsh environment. Without giving too much away the game revolves around surviving in a new environment (hence the game's name) and allows you to explore a large new world full of strange creatures, inhabitants and surprises.

Hailed as a similar game to the highly successful Minecraft, Don’t Starve provides you with hours of endless fun exploring the dark wild wilderness.

      4. Need for Speed Most Wanted (Link)

If you’re a big racing fan then you’ve probably heard of Need for Speed. Available on other devices such as Xbox and Playstation, Need for Speed offers a variety of street racing events throughout the city of Fairhaven.

With its incredible mobile graphics and effects the game lets you race plenty of fast cars all over the city including Nissan GTs and Bugatti Veyron’s. The courses and cars are extremely detailed and offers a fast paced fluid experience when playing on the iPad. To control the car simply tilt your iPad side to side to steer the car through the narrow streets of the course.

Compared to the other racing games available on iPad, Need for Speed is considered the best by far which is understandable as it offers the most fluid gaming experience, tracks and car.

      5. Clash Royale (Link)

This free to play iPad game is the sister franchise of the highly successful Clash of Clans. This unique mix between tower defence and multiplayer online battle arena makes Clash Royale a great play.

Each side has 3 towers which can be filled with troops and defences to ward off your enemies units from attacking. Cards and powers can also be used to spawn units and troops which will attack your enemy’s towers. Each card or power up you play has different strengths and weaknesses which can be countered by the enemy, bringing a nice element of strategy to the game.

During the last 60 seconds of every game there is an extra twist that allows you to use your power ups more frequently meaning both you and your opponent can start throwing units everywhere. This final last minute push adds a whole lot of excitement to the game. With each game lasting 3 minutes you’ll be eager to be playing again.

The game also gives you the ability to duel other players in real time so you can duel your friends and show them who’s really the king of the castle.

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